VDARE.com's War On Christmas Archive On One Page: 314 Items—And More To Come!
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I’ve been covering the War On Christmas since I won the Christmas Competition myself in the year 2000. VDARE.com started covering it in 1999, Peter Brimelow and John O’Sullivan covered it in the ’90s for the pre-Purge National Review. We’ve traced this back to ACLU persecutions in the 1980s, the New York City school board in 1957, and as far back as 1906.

I’m telling you this in case you read recently that the Harvard Business Review had said that it was started by Fox News in 2005.

I assume you’re spending Christmas with family and/or friends, but if not, or if you find yourself in the den with nothing to do, here is our list of all the posts tagged War On Christmas here at VDARE.com. Enjoy!








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