A Reader Reports Santa Has Been Banned - In MD!
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Another Reader Banned by FreeRepublic. Which word don't they understand - Free? Or Republic?

FROM:  [Name Withheld]

In Montgomery County, MD, the mayor just discontinued the long-standing tradition of having Santa arrive on a fire truck to light the Christmas Tree at the community's annual ceremony. (For story, click here).

Two families felt "uncomfortable" with Santa being part of the event because they "don't celebrate Christmas," so the mayor gave Santa the boot.

I'm not sure why they weren't offended by the tree. Maybe next year.

It should be pointed out that this is the same Montgomery County that tried to pass legislation barring county residents from lighting up a cigarette in their own home if the smoke "threatened a neighbor's health."

Peter Brimelow writes:  You REALLY can't make this stuff up! Santa Claus purged just five days after I satirically suggested it when introducing our War Against Christmas competition! As for the Christmas tree, readers clicking through to the November 28 AP story, datelined Kensington, MD, will note that it carefully refers only to the "tree lighting ceremony."  Could be a Kwaanza tree, you know.

Now for the biggie: purging the word "holiday" itself! Obviously a covert allusion to Christian "holy days" – blatantly unconstitutional!  It must immediately be replaced with "Happy Vacation."

Or maybe "Unhappy Vacation."

Come on, Abolish-Americaniks! We know you can do it!  Let your slogan be: Get The Job Done In 2001!

(How come the year has that number anyway?)

James Fulford adds: The Mayor And Council of Kensington, Maryland.<![if !supportNestedAnchors]><![endif]> (Send them mail.) decided unanimously that Santa Claus would be banned from this year's Christmas Festivities.

If the word Christmas was used during the November Council meeting, it was not recorded in the Council Journal, which referred to a Holiday Event.

Soon they will be calling it a Winter Festival. Oddly like C.S. Lewis' description of Narnia under the rule of the White Witch: "Always winter and Never Christmas!"<![if !supportNestedAnchors]><![endif]>

Kensington has streets named Calvert and Baltimore, like a lot of towns in Maryland.

Imagine the shock the Council is in for when they find that George Calvert, Lord Baltimore, who founded Maryland, not only fled religious persecution and established religious liberty, but had named the entire state after the Virgin Mary.

Town Journal Excerpts

The Tree Lighting Committee presented their ideas for the Holiday Event. Due to the renewed sense of patriotism, they proposed incorporating patriotism into the event including lighting the tree with red, white, and blue lights, having local heroes present, and having the Levine School play patriotic music. They thought this would make it a more inclusive event which the whole Town could come together and enjoy.

The Mayor introduced the idea of a Peace Banner for children in Town to place any ornaments they made.

Some residents expressed concerns regarding religion and Santa Claus in the Holiday Event. 


Council Member Pfautz moved to support the final proposal by the Tree Lighting Committee with a Peace Banner instead of a Peace Tree and without Santa Claus for this year only. It was seconded by Council Member Cowan and passed unanimously.

November 28, 2001

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