A Chicago Reader Reports That The Thanksgiving Parade Was Multicultural Again—And May Someday Be Banned Altogether
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Re: A Reader Reports Multiculturalism In Chicago's Thanksgiving Day Parade and A Chicago Reader On Lyndon Johnson’s “New American Greatness”—65 Immigration Act Made A “New America” Instead

From: John Tyler [Email him]

As usual, I looked at the Thanksgiving Parade held in Chicago and as I have been reporting since 2012, it did have a dose of diversity and multicultural flavor. I am sad that very soon the whole American flavor of Thanksgiving will be gone in the coming years. I am also sad that this will be one of the last Thanksgivings America will get to celebrate. For when the whites become a minority in 2042, there will be no Thanksgiving. (A parade website says that in 2010, the parade increased "representation of the great multi-cultural flavor of the city, featuring several performances from different cultural groups in the city.")

I have talked to recent immigrants and most of them do not celebrate the holiday. They use it to kick back and relax from their busy schedules or to prep for Black Friday. Some are invited to American families and they go there to eat.

A free meal from the rich white man’s table is what gets them to go. Most of them do not know or do not care to know about the history of this American Holiday. Some that do, end up supporting the native Indians and their so called genocide and land grabbing by the whites. Most of these foreigners/immigrants along supported Obama’s recent amnesty for 5 million illegal aliens.

I see stores opening up for Thanksgiving like it is business as usual. Companies are forcing their employees to choose between their jobs or families, which is contrary to what Thanksgiving is about.

Just as Christmas, Christian symbols and prayers are offensive to non-Christians or to non-Americans, in a few years, Thanksgiving and Christmas will be removed and never be heard of again. We are losing our country, our traditions, our customs, family time and our identity for sake of the almighty dollar and also for the sake of Political Correctness.

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