The Christian Christmas Lady Remembers Her Early Celebrations Of The Birth Of Jesus
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12/23/07 - A Colorado Reader Warns Christmas Travelers About The Risks Of Staying At Motels Employing Alien Housekeepers

From:  Brenda Verner (e-mail her)

Re: The War On Christmas

I remember my childhood through Christmases past.

The most delightful times of my youth were spent with family and friends at Christmas.

During this season, our entire world seemed to operate in unity of purpose. The Yule time excitement and anticipation crescendoed over the course of Advent with Christmas music, food, décor and shopping.

Our hearts were filled with awe and wonder at the birth of Jesus—the Word made flesh.

A blanket of Christmas plays, programs and visual presentations garnered our collective reverence and inspired heart-felt gift giving.

I shall never forget the warm hugs, sparkly eyes and sincere smiles that enveloped my early Christmases. Perhaps they were the genesis of my adult passion for Christ at Christmas.

I would like to see future generations of Christian youth inherit the same edifying experiences I enjoyed.

May Jesus' presence and impact grow exponentially with each passing Christmas.


Verner, who lives in Chicago, is the author of 101 Ways To Have A Christian Christmasreviewed  here. A previous letter from Verner about the anti-Christmas Comcast Cable Services is here.

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