article By Ann Coulter on 2018-05-23 18:20:00 -0400

Ann Coulter On Gun Control: Instead Of School Walkouts, Fight Back!

The New York Times seemed to think it was bitterly ironic that some of the students at Santa Fe High School, site of the recent mass shooting, had staged a walkout last month in support of the Parkland...
article By John Derbyshire on 2018-04-02 18:18:14 -0400

Derb's March Diary: Blacks, Guns, Immigration, And Former Trumpers (Not Quite There Yet!), Etc, [9 ITEMS]

It's the blecks (1): Guns.     My biggest email bag of the month came after I hypothesized, in the March 23rd Radio Derb, that the enthusiasm white Americans display for owning guns, unusual among West...
article By John Derbyshire on 2018-03-30 19:16:16 -0400

John Derbyshire On David Hogg And The New Children’s Crusade: Where Are Muslim Slave Traders When We Need Them?

Adapted from the latest Radio Derb, available exclusively on VDARE.comSteven Runciman's 1951 History of the Crusades is nowadays regarded with some skepticism by serious scholars; but it's the one I wa...
post By Eugene Gant on 2018-03-26 13:08:21 -0400

Kiddie March Is Over, SLATE Says They’ll ‘Fix Democracy’

Here’s the tweet from Slate about this weekend’s March Of The Loons:It links to this story, a piece of refrigerator journalism for progressive Mommies and Daddies you needn’t bother reading. Here’s the...
post By John Derbyshire on 2018-03-24 08:55:53 -0400

John Derbyshire: Why Bitter Whites "Cling" To Guns—Even MORE Bitter Black People

I got a smile or two out of this March 14th piece in Scientific American, title: Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns? Subtitle: "Research suggests it's largely because they're anxious about their abilit...
post By James Fulford on 2018-03-20 07:38:09 -0400

9-Year Old Black Mississippi Boy Deliberately Shoots Sister, Story Illustrated With Stock Photos Of White Kids

The first story I saw was this, by Walied Shoebat:The story about about the boy who murdered his sister, execution style, is illustrated by a picture of a white child.Shoebat's linking to his blog, whi...
post By James Fulford on 2018-03-02 07:29:47 -0500

Black Man Shoots Two Dead In “Family Dispute” At CMU Near Saginaw—A Gun-Free Zone

A black man with a pistol killed two people, possibly black themselves, at Central Michigan University 59 miles from Saginaw, Michigan.Local media is describing him as black because he's still at large...
post By Hugh McInnish on 2018-02-27 08:15:30 -0500

Hugh McInnish Says To Stop School Shooters, Arm The Faculty!

No, I am not prejudiced. That is the wrong word here, so frequently misused. It means thinking or acting without pertinent knowledge, in other words, pre=before, judiced=judicial thought or inquiry. I ...
article By Ann Coulter on 2018-02-21 12:40:47 -0500

Ann Coulter: Amazing New Breakthrough To Reduce Mass Shootings—Stop Importing Mass-Murdering Immigrants!

See the FAQ:  What is “Immigrant Mass Murder Syndrome?As fun as it is to ridicule the FBI for devoting massive resources to chasing down Hillary Clinton's oppo research while blowing off repe...
article By Michelle Malkin on 2018-02-20 20:19:00 -0500

Michelle Malkin: On Gun Control, Do NOT Let The Children Lead

Where are all the grown-ups in times of crisis and grief? Don't bother searching America's prestigious law schools. Two adult men, occupying lofty perches as law professors, argued this week that the ...