An Anonymous War Against Christmas?
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Ann Althouse has post on Sea-Tac,

The Seattle Christmas tree incident. It's an American holiday tradition: arguing about religion and threatening litigation. What would the season be without it? Althouse: The "litigious Orthodox rabbi" and the "overzealous, politically correct officials terrified" of everything religion-related.

One of the first commenters comes up with the following very bad suggestion:

VICTOR said... I'm thinking there should be a mechanism in place so people can prosecute those complaints on an anonymous basis (I guess an association is an easy way). From what I can see in Seattle, the Rabbi sort of took a beating in the press and the street corners, and was almost intimidated into withdrawing his claim. This is not exactly what happened, but my reading between the lines. There were many complaints and people whispering about this around town.

This is stupid, because while you can have an anonymous complaint to the authorities, you can't have an anonymous lawsuit. Who would the defendant pay if they lost?

And an association, of course, is already involved—Rabbi Bogomilsky is Director of Northwest Friends Of Chabad and was bringing this suit on their behalf. Various commenters on Althouse's blog have already answered this, of course,( one wrote "'Letters and e-mails sent to the airport ran 99-1 against the decision.' That's democracy, pal. ") I'm just pointing out that our tactic of always giving email addresses where you can complain is working.

When people are willing to complain, we win.

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