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MSM Freakout Over "It's OK To Be White" In The Diaper Aisle In Target

Here's the version of this story I found in Newsweek: Target have launched an investigation into how cards featuring Neo-Nazi slogans ended up being sold inside boxes of diapers at their stores.The An...
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ME Town Manager Fired (But Paid $30k Settlement) For Pro-White Speech On (We Link, It's Hard To Google)

Another "White Guy Loses His Job" case: the white town manager of Jackman, Maine was fired recently for creating a web page called A ‘pro-white’ town manager refused to quit over his s...
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Twitter On James Damore's Class Action Lawsuit Against Google

A reader forwarded the following on fired Google employee James Damore's class action lawsuit against Google, mentioned by Steve Sailer earlier:James Damore's account is here. Note that we have, below,...
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James Damore's Lawsuit Against Google: Sounds Like A Hostile Work Environment!

From the class action lawsuit filed today by James Damore, who was fired by Google last year after Youtube CEO Susan Wojcicki, former sister-in-law of Sergey Brin and sister of 23andMe founder Anne Woj...
article By John Derbyshire on 2017-10-22 16:22:49 -0400

John Derbyshire: Geezers Don't Care! Marc Faber Defies AntiRacist Moral Panic

Adapted from the October 20 Radio Derb, available exclusively on VDARE.comSee previous incidents under the tag "White Guy Loses His Job"See also Marc Faber on Zimbabwe: Quite Right Of Course. Here’s Wh...
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White Guy Fired For Accidental Racist Headline Now In Seminary—WASHINGTON POST Still Calling Headline Racist

The Washington Post has a nice piece today about a former ESPN employee in training for the priesthood.Anthony Frederico landed in seminary after he wrote a fatal headline about a Chinese basketball na...
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"Why Are You Passionate About Working on Diversity and Inclusion?"

“The push for gender equality “created divides that I didn’t anticipate,” said Joelle Emerson, next to the screen at a meeting in San Francisco. Her company, Paradigm, designs diversity strategies.” Cr...
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ESPN Is Not Firing Jemele Hill—Because They Only Fire White Guys

ESPN's Jemele Hill (@jemelehill) engaged in a hate-filled Twitter rant about President Trump, based on the fact that she, herself, is black, and not hating and fearing Trump is a "white privilege". (De...
article By John Derbyshire on 2017-08-11 19:17:19 -0400

John Derbyshire On The Two Minute Hate At Google, Stone Age Sex Equality, And What Happened To Female Coders

This week's big story on the CultMarx front was the firing of Google employee James Damore. The firing offense was, he had written a document titled Google's Ideological Echo Chamber and circulated it ...
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Google's Diversity Memo—Read It WITH The Links Gizmodo Omitted Gizmodo report that pushed this internal Google memo to the public said this: In the memo, which is the personal opinion of a male Google em...