There`s No Such Thing As Amnesty Or The War Against Christmas
Thumb peterbrimelow
October 22, 2007, 03:18 PM
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Exactly as backers of the late unlamented Bush-Kennedy Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Bill kept claiming it wasn`t amnesty, so backers of the War Against Christmas decided last year to claim there`s no War Against Christmas - while continuing their Christophobic campaign. Brenda Walker reported yesterday on a pre-emptive strike by Christophobes in the Seattle airport bureaucracy, badly defeated in one of 2006`s better-reported skirmishes. Now Roger Chaillet, winner of our 2003 War Against Christmas competition, outs the Dallas Morning News`s "12th Annual Holiday Cookie Contest". Not coincidentally, as Roger notes, the Dallas Morning News is appalling on immigration. Write the Editor.