No War on Christmas? - Ask Sasha Cohen
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On my casual count, 2,498 separate "original" articles have appeared this season asserting there is "No War on Christmas." If you delve into the blogospere, the language gets pretty nasty. Generally, it is almost as if a Fiery Cross has gone out in Media land.

Anyone confronted with this argument should immediately refer his opponent to the VDARE Christmas competition archive. By now, we can show hundreds of specific examples. We see this as a service to the Nation. (Hint.)

However, even is sometimes astonished. Can it really be that suppressing a High School choir carol performance required a Policeman?

Silent night for fear of offending Jew By Catherine Elsworth in New York 16/12/06

Staci Della-Rocco, the director of the choir, said she complied with the request by a city council employee and police officer to silence the children because “I didn’t want to have a big old huge scene in front of my kids”.

Two points need to be made.

  •  The "Jew" in question, the skater Sasha Cohen, forcefully disassociated herself from this atrocity.
  • This event occurred on Tuesday night (Dec 12th). Only tonight (Dec 15th) is it surfacing nationally. (I know! I am watching.) This proves that the MSM is not willing to publicize these stories. (I credit Google News for forcing their hand.)

This story supports the suspicion I raised in the context of the Seattle Airport row: there is an enthusiasm amongst bureaucrats for suppressing Christmas which arguably exceeds the appetite of the religious groups they deem as their clients for this conflict.

The Mayor of Riverside apologized for this blunder. Applaud him. (It encourages Politicians. Hint: enter any city official on the questionnaire)

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