War Against Christmas: The Invalid Arguments
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This year, with coverage of direct "War against Christmasâ"so much more extensive than it was when Peter Brimelow revived the issue here in 1999, I had decided personally to focus on the comments carried on the threads attached to various articles. It is a gruesome business. Not conducive to respect for one's fellow men. But one lead characteristic needs comment: the amazing resort to scholarship shown in so many of the anti-Christmas sites. I have noted this previously, but a case in point is Crocodile Morsels
  • Put the Mass back in Christmas
  • Restore Michaelmas
  • Restore Candlemas
  • Restore Childermas
  • Restore the Feast of the Epiphany
  • Restore the Advent season
  • Restore gift-giving to the real Christmas season, which occurs after Christmas day
  • Don't put up a Christmas tree until Christmas Eve — if at all
  • Use Christmas as a day of contemplating Christ, not for engaging in commerce
Interesting, but this must be roundly rejected. NO Non- Christian is entitled to tell a Christian how Christmas, or any other Christian holiday, is to be celebrated. Supplying historical data to the effect that Christian traditions are derived from Pagan Festivals—true and interesting or not-is an insult. So I propose that those who love Christmas reject out of hand any effort to engage in historical minutiae. We believe what we believe. Those who challenge us are enemies. And to the deluge of idiotic comments denying that there has been a War on Christmas, all that needs to be said is: look at the VDARE.com Christmas Competition Archives
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