War Against Christmas Strikes In Heartland America
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Can't hide from Christophobia

For a break from the nauseating spectacle of treason and corruption exhibited in the District of Congresscritters in the past few days, I looked through the accumulated stories in my Google Alerts on the War Against/On Christmas.

By now even the lowliest journalists have got the memo – reporting Christmas repression stories is career-inimical. Most of the coverage is of the type which caused me to ask some years ago If there's no War on Christmas, how come they deployed an Army?

But guest columnists sometimes slip through with the facts. Such a case is A new tradition: The War on Christmas by Stephen Rowland The Daily Herald Dec 9, 2014

The Maury County Commissioners voted to nix the idea of a Christmas nativity scene on the Courthouse lawn last Thursday….our County Attorney Daniel Murphy and Mayor Charlie Norman warned of possible lawsuits if it was allowed.
Rowland rather pathetically but no doubt accurately adds
My guess is that the overwhelming majority of Maury County residents would love to see a creche on our Courthouse lawn
Since Maury County is in the middle of Tennessee, is 82% white and 14% “African American” and voted overwhelmingly Republican in 2014, this is a indeed a reasonable guess.

What a clear demonstration of the power of America’s Christophobic Kritarchy that a tradition long loved by the locals – descended overwhelmingly from one of the key founding peoples of the nation – can be so repressed.

The rest of the column goes on to discuss sadly the other stratagems used by the enemies of Christmas to spoil traditional displays

Down in Tallahassee, Fla., their Capitol will have new displays this year. Besides the classical nativity scene, the Hanukkah menorah, and the Christmas tree, there will be an entry from the Satanic Temple. Their banner will proclaim “Happy holidays from the Satanic Temple” with a diorama below of an angel falling into hell. Another entry to celebrate “Festivus” (a non-commercial festival “for the rest of us”) apparently will come back from last year as the same stack of empty beer cans. Another atheist group plans a banner proclaiming the “true meaning of Christmas” — with chosen words like “Rockettes”; “hot chocolate”; “charity”; “family”; and “Chinese food.” Also approved is the “Happy Winter Solstice” banner from the Freedom From Religion Foundation, and another weird banner from the Flying Spaghetti Monster folks
And summons the courage to say
You won’t find me out there posting banners at courthouses (or billboards on highways as some have done) criticizing or mocking satirically atheist beliefs on either public or private property. If I did that, then maybe I have a real psychological anti-social problem of some kind that calls for therapeutic intervention. Maybe I even have a few doubts about my own belief system which can only be ameliorated by bashing other’s beliefs?
Applaud Stephen Rowland for his essay.

Eventually he may realize that the War against Christmas is not about religion but ethnic jealousy and animosities.

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