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Doesn't Sound Too Promising ...A Book About Heredity That Says Race Doesn't Exist

A book review in the New York Times: SHE HAS HER MOTHER’S LAUGHThe Powers, Perversions, and Potential of HeredityBy Carl Zimmer656 pp. Dutton. $30. Reviewed by Jennifer Raff Jennifer Raff is a gen...
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The Marshmallow Experiment Goes Soft

Mischel’s famous Marshmallow Test of children’s willpower to delay instant gratification in return for more rewards in the future (you can eat one marshmallow right now or get more later) is often cite...
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William Saletan in SLATE: "Stop Talking About Race and IQ"

In Slate, veteran William Saletan writes: POLITICS Stop Talking About Race and IQTake it from someone who did. By WILLIAM SALETAN APRIL 27, 20181:42 PM The race-and-IQ debate is back. The late...
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Michael Barone On David Reich: "Genetics Is Undercutting the Case for Racial Quotas"

Michael Barone writes in his syndicated column: Genetics Is Undercutting the Case for Racial Quotas By Michael Barone April 6, 2018 6 Min Read “I am worried,” writes Harvard geneticist David Rei...
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Black Female SJW: Emotional Labor Is So Exhausting

From Vox on Chetty’s latest paper: The massive new study on race and economic mobility in America, explainedEven black men born to wealthy families are less economically successful than white men. By...
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VDARE Radio: Science Fair Edition—The Denial Of IQ

Welcome to Radio VDARE and I’m your host Virginia Dare.Where is the march for science when you need it?The science deniers are out in full force. And no, it’s not some evangelical Christians in flyover...
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The GUARDIAN's Angela Saini (Guess How She Got That Name!) vs. "Eugenics"…AKA Science

Earlier by James Fulford: “Eugenics” Is What Happens When Cousins Don`t MarryIndian science writer Angela Saini, writing in the U.K. Guardian, is horrified to learn that people at University College, L...
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Toby Young On IQ Conference: "It Was Like A Meeting Of Charter 77 In Václav Havel’s Flat In Prague In The 1970s"

Lance Welton wrote on the kerfuffle about a private conference about intelligence in London, a meeting of academics that wasn't publicized because of the danger of antifa violence, which has been going...
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Prosecutors Argue IQ Tests Must be Biased Against Blacks So It Would be Racist Not to Execute Black Killers with IQs <70

From Pacific Standard: HOW IQ TESTS ARE PERVERTED TO JUSTIFY THE DEATH PENALTYResearch has identified embedded racism in IQ tests. Now, prosecutors in at least eight states are using that research—to ...
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SEATTLE TIMES: Why Have Seven Decades of Gap-Closing Failed in Seattle Schools?

From the Seattle Times: Racial equity in Seattle schools has a long, frustrating history — and it’s getting worseUpdated January 12, 2018 at 5:19 pmFor at least seven decades, Seattle Public Schools h...