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California: Self-Driving Taxis Are Planned

>While there are skeptics about the self-driving project who think it will require more time and testing to materialize, top corporations are taking concrete steps to move forward. Billion-dollar co...
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Automation: Did Robots Help Donald Trump Win the Presidency?

During the last presidential campaign, I paid close attention to hear any mention from the candidates about automation as a cause of future job loss, but it never was forthcoming. Now the MIT Technolo...
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Axios: America Is Unprepared for the Automation Jobs Apocalypse

CBS News has done some good reporting about automation and how it will radically change the modern workplace, and its latest story makes the point that America remains clueless about the approaching jo...
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Automation: MIT’s Self-Driving Car Can Navigate Country Roads

Machines keep getting smarter and more capable of performing jobs formerly done by humans. One recent upgrade to self-driving tech comes from MIT where they have figured out how the cars can maneuver c...
post By Allan Wall on 2018-05-10 13:36:00 -0400

Automation: Robots Milking Cows In Some Dairies Now—Where Will The Illegal Aliens Go?

NPR ran a report last month on the use of robots in dairies, highlighting the experience of one dairy family in Michigan. [When Robots Milk Cows, Farm Families Taste Freedom, by Dan Charles, NPR, April...
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Automation: Boston Restaurant Uses Robot Woks to Create Inexpensive Lunches

Leave it to broke but smart college students from MIT to invent a machine that will cook a healthy lunch for cheap. Below, the cylinder-shaped robot wok spins slowly to keep the food from burning, the...
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Automation: Experts Predict Artificial Intelligence Will Crush Banking Jobs

Smart machines are creating an uncertain future for those who work for a living. We already see skillful robots building cars and such with nary a worker in sight, but many job killers lurk in computer...
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Is a Basic Universal Income the Answer to Future Job Loss from Automation?

CBS’ Sunday Morning show has reported sensibly on robotics, as I reviewed in a blog a year ago: CBS Imagines the American Future as Automation Nation. Last Sunday’s segment took up the topic of what mi...
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Automation: Waymo Self-Driving Cars Apply for Driver-Free Test Permit in California

The self-driving juggernaut keeps advancing, taking the necessary technical and regulatory steps to turn the automation dream of Google that was discounted even by techies into a world-changing industr...
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USA TODAY OpEd: Trump Should Tackle Automation (Like Has Been Saying Forever)

It’s a rare thing to see Washington suits speak up about the coming automation revolution in the workplace, so the recent opinion piece in USA Today is welcome. The writers are not exactly household na...