War On Christmas At "American" Apparel:"Happy Holidays" And A Rabbit? Who Ever Heard Of A Christmas RABBIT?
December 10, 2010, 11:34 AM
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In 2009, I wrote

One part of American Apparel`s appeal is their advertising, featuring pictures of young women in, and half out of, their products. This is disapproved of by feminists but approved of by red-blooded American men. Another part of their appeal to the customer is the name: American Apparel. They advertise that their products were "made in downtown L. A." But they didn`t say "made in downtown L. A. by Americans," and computer checks by the Immigration authorities disclosed that 1800 of their employees "may not be legal."

Well, moved by some impulse, I clicked on the "young women in, and half out of" link, and found this December picture: "Happy Holidays, From American Apparel, Megan, and Her Rabbit." Rabbit? Where does a rabbit come into Christmas? Oh, well, it`s one more reason not to shop at the American Apparel store.