A Reader Encourages Dogging "Holiday Season" Retailers
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November 12, 2005

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A Reader Objects To Michelle Malkin's Pro-War Columns; Peter Brimelow Replies

Re: "The War on Christmas"

From Peter Gorham [e-mail him: [email protected]]

I have one simple question regarding "The War On Christmas" because I, like you, am worried about this politically correct nonsense of trying to abolish Christmas while unashamedly using all of its symbols. Why do the retailers find it politically incorrect to have a Christmas Sale, when they proudly inundate us with circulars for "After Christmas Sales"?  No one has been able to explain this inconsistency to me...   There are no "After Chanukah Sales" or "After Kwanzaa Sales."  So why don't they have an "After Holiday Sale" that takes place on some other date besides December 26th?  Why are the stores closed on Christmas but not on the days of Chanukah or on Kwanzaa? I would appreciate it if you could encourage your readers to write the major retailers like Target, Macy's, JC Penny, to many only a few to ask this very question.    Maybe if enough of us write, they will have to try to cobble together some pathetic answer. Or, better yet, maybe they will see the inconsistency in their logic. Meanwhile, I will be doing all of my Christmas shopping this year at L. L. Bean and Nordstrom's, both of whom mailed me a "2005 Christmas Catalogue" I love these proud retailers who have not given up on common sense...
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