War Against Christmas I: A Small Victory in MD.
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VDARE.com's 2001 War Against Christmas Competition! [II] [III] [IV] [V] [VI]

VDARE.COM note: In Kensington, Maryland, the town council banned Santa from the Christmas Tree Lighting ceremony, (which had already become a Holiday Event). After this became widely known, people organized a "Million Santas March," in which as many people who could (about 50) showed up in the traditional red suit, black boots, and white beard.

Two men held up an anti-Jewish banner, (see Michael Olesker's column on that aspect of the dispute) but a Santa tore it down.

In the meantime, nearby Hampden, Maryland had a Mayor's Christmas Parade, with a patriotic theme. Santa was there.

A British Reader writes in about the War Against Christmas in England, (home of Father Christmas)

Dorde Stojanovic

One approaches each coming Christmas with more and more apprehension. What more can the ruling elite do to trash Christians and their faith? The answer: plenty. After female "priests", crèches banned in public, and the sudden, magical appearance of pseudo celebrations like "Kwanzaa" nothing should surprise. I thought stupidity had reached its zenith until this darkened my monitor screen. [Story about discrimination against female Santa Clauses.] Unfortunately I was wrong. Things can and do get more stupid. To wit this. [Story about discrimination in favor of  female Santa Clauses.] You might think it would, at least, slow down a little, but no. The nonsense is, alas, plodding toward the obvious conclusion. Witness this further overkill. [Woolworth's stocks female Santa Claus outfits to avoid Eurocrat penalties for discrimination.] Where all this leads us, as Mr. Piatak indicates, is toward that amoral, neutral, seasonal Tower of Babel known as the "holiday season".

Wishing all at VDARE.COM a very Merry Christmas

D. Stojanovic

A Canadian Reader Writes From Vancouver, British Columbia 

[VDARE.COM note: Canada has religious freedom, but the Canadian Constitution does not require separation of Church and State. The War against Christmas is thus totally voluntary on the part of the School Boards.]

I defied my wife a few years ago and refused to attend any more of the farcical abortions called school pageants. I don't even know if they still call them Christmas Pageants-after all it's got that dreadful "C" word in it. Like most people in BC, I'm not a practicing Christian and never see the inside of a church from one year to another. I love the Carols, however, from our common European heritage and the odd stirring phrase from the King James Bible is appreciated too. Instead our children get multicult. Canned Tin Pan Alley smirky Santa pap, devoid of any culture or meaning.

Now finally my anecdote! It was a few years back when I still let myself get dragged to these events. The scene—the usual no Carols, no JC words, no Cross—X'MAS maybe not C'MAS. Some dumbed down package sold to a gullible school administration by some huckster.

I can still picture the kids in one memorable number dancing the Hora around the Star of David (the only permitted religious symbol). The irony of, course, was that there were no Jews in that school—forty percent of the student body was Chinese and at least thirty percent were Iranian Moslems. They must have sold our clueless authorities the New York City holiday pageant package by mistake.

I think that just about sums up the Globalist dimensions/pretensions worldwide.

Maybe not a winning anecdote, but I thought that like your lately departed past President and his spouse I would share your pain and you could share some of ours.

I really enjoy your Web site.  Maybe you should retitle it from VDARE.COM to WE DARE.

[Name withheld by request.]

A Maine reader writes:


In the Great State of Maine, the 2000 Census reveals that we are 96.9% white, and according to a report from Maine Public Radio:

It's a statistic that troubles Governor Angus King, (send him mail) who says Maine's status as the Nation's least diverse state is nothing to brag about.

Funny enough, the very next news story reported that Maine has the 2nd lowest incarceration rate in the country 130 per 100,000 (something to brag about!) (Minnesota is the lowest at 129). By comparison, the rate of incarceration in Texas is 779 per 100,000. This report said that race correlates with high incarceration rates. One-half of the nation's prison population is black, and the fastest growing is the Hispanic.

All of this is a long introduction to say that even in the great white north, towns like Bangor have abandoned their traditional Christmas parade for the "Holiday Festival of Lights Parade." Out of 56 parade entries, last year's winner of the outstanding theme award was a float carrying a giant silver menorah and Star of David. This year there will be a Red Crescent moon, to be inclusive of local Muslims (count them on one hand!)

This article, entitled Holiday Tradition, [11/29, by Jeff Tuttle, Bangor Daily News] reports:

Both organizations have made a commitment to make the parade as inclusive as possible, said [parade organizer Shawn] Yardley [of the Bangor Rotary Club] who praised the work of those who made last year's parade so effective in bringing attention to the less common celebrations of the season.

Merry Christmas and thank you for your fine website.

[Name withheld by request.]

And Chuck Moss writes: 

Santa's Story

When they came for Baby Jesus, I said nothing for I was not a Baby Jesus, ...and when they came for the Wise Men I said nothing, for I was not a Wise Man, and when they came for the lambs and the ox I said nothing, for I was not a lamb or an ox, and when they came for the Big Star even though there was a Big Menorah and a Big Dreidel and a poster talking about Ramadan and Native Americans, I said nothing for I wasn't a Big Star, Menorah, Dreidel, Indian or Muslim. They never came for Kwanzaa, so that wasn't a problem.

But when they came for me...no, actually there were plenty of folks left who could have spoken up, but that damned Grinch didn't say a word and neither did Frosty.


December 07, 2001

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