A War Against Christmas Winner Reports A Victory (Sort Of) In California
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From: Roger Chaillet (e-mail him)

Re: The War On Christmas

The Orange County Superior Court's Central Justice Center has a unique solution to the War on Christmas.

Every year, the court puts an artificial tree on display and decorates it with tags to solicit donations for needy children.

And, also every year, someone challenges the presence of the Christmas tree on public property.

The court's solution: it named the tree "The Charlie Brown Tree" And it remains on display. [Orange County Courthouse Tree Survives a Challenge, by Paloma Esquivel, Los Angeles Times, December 19, 2009]

Texas resident Roger Chaillet is the winner of the 2003 VDARE.COM War Against Christmas competition. A letter from him about how the Bush family is creating a booming real estate market in Dallas is here. Previous letters are archived here.

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