War Against Christmas 2004 Competition [XI]: Resistance To Khristmaskampf Going Mainstream!
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December 17, 2004

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O'Reilly Factors Fawsett [Bryanna Bevens]

The last time I spoke of my love for Bill O'Reilly I received a stack of dissenting emails…mostly from men, interestingly enough.

However, Bill O'Reilly is one of today's entries for the War on Christmas competition. I fully admit my partiality. 

The O'Reilly Factor has a segment called The Most Ridiculous Item Of The Day.  As reported on the Fox website (December 17—scroll down):

"The Most Ridiculous Item of the Day

"In Jacksonville, Florida, we have lots of 'Factor' viewers. Judge Patricia Faucet [BB note: sic—a joke!] has ordered a Christmas tree removed from the courthouse down there, but a snowman can stay.

"Even though the Christmas tree contained no religious ornaments, the judge said she just wanted to make sure no one would be offended, so the tree was chopped.

"Hey, Judge, here's a clue. I'm offended! And I think most people in Jacksonville are not only offended, they think you're a pinhead. Put the tree back.

"To not do so would be ridiculous. It's happening all over the place..."

He called her a pinhead. Only Billy!!

In helpful VDARE.COM fashion, we found the email address for Judge Patricia C. Fawsett, Chief United States District Judge in Jacksonville, Florida…just in case you have anything you want to tell her. Click here for her District Court comments page.

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More Mainstream Resistance! [James Fulford]

"The attempts to de-Christianize Christmas are as absurd as they are relentless….[I]t is time that members of religious (and anti-religious) minorities, as full citizens of this miraculous republic, transcend something too: petty defensiveness.

"Merry Christmas. To all."

"A fairly new tactic in the Christmas wars can be called the sensitive person's veto. In 2000, the city of Eugene, Ore., banned Christmas trees on public property, then allowed firefighters to put up a tree on Christmas Eve and Christmas, with the provision that if one person objected, the tree had to come down."


  • Clayton Cramer on a ban on red and green napkins: "Now, the ACLU wasn't responsible—directly—for setting a color bar for party supplies…"

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I like this! [James Fulford]

The ACLU Homeland Holiday Advisory System.

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