Muslims Hate Christmas Too, And When Muslims Hate Something...
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December 22, 2010, 10:16 PM
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When defending Christmas against the modern War On Christmas, we`re accused of being anti-Semites, because it`s the ADL that refers to what we think of as the Christmas season as the "December Dilemma."

However, Christmas has a lot of enemies. Muslims hate Christmas too, and when Muslims hate something, they really hate it. This poster is from Kathy Shaidle`s blog.


That poster is on view in a London street, in the Tower Hamlets district, a largely Muslim area where white Britons are a minority, the kind of place where it is not really safe for a woman, Muslim or English, to walk with her head uncovered.

The story is originally from the Daily Mail in England, and it`s interesting to see how while the Muslim`s do know it`s Christmas, the Mail thinks that what they`re attacking "The Festive Period." `Christmas is evil`: Muslim group launches poster campaign against festive period,Daily Mail , December 22, 2010

There is an actual web page, very amateurish.