Happy Easter From VDARE.com!
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This is your annual reminder that there is a War On Easter, just as there is a War On Christmas and even a War On Thanksgiving. What they have in common is hatred of the traditional American nation (“It’s not your father’s America!”) and generalized Christophobia. The War On Easter is not as big as the War On Christmas, but the idea is the same—that even the mention of a traditional Christian Festival is offensive, so you have to pretend that the schools are closed on Good Friday for no particular reason.

The fact that even the name of a Christian festival is supposed to be offensive and non-inclusive is seen in the phenomenon of the "Spring Bunny" (formerly knows as the Easter Bunny).  Above, you can see The Spring Bunny showing up at a YWCA pre-school in Troy, NY—not even a public school, so they don't have have that excuse [Photos: Spring Bunny comes to Troy, Times-Union.com, April 12, 2017 ]

The "Spring Bunny" and the "Spring Egg Hunt" are still a limited phenomenon at present (7,630 results in Google News for "Spring Egg Hunt", versus  961,000 for normal, chocolate-fueled Easter Egg Hunt) but the whole Happy Holidays thing started small years ago, too.

In the same way, there has been limited support for abolishing Good Friday, or changing its name. But it has happened in Bloomington, IN [ Mayor cites 'cultural sensitivity' in changing names of two city holidays, By Lauren Slavin, HeraldTimesOnline.com, November 19, 2016]

Here's what the head of the Catholic  League had to say (Links added)


By Bill Donohue, Catholic League, April 11th, 2017

The mayor of Bloomington, Indiana, John Hamilton [Email him] announced last year that he was censoring Good Friday by renaming it “Spring Holiday.” So this Friday government workers will be paid for celebrating the spring. He cloaked his intolerance in the name of inclusion.

Mayor Hamilton’s edict makes it clear that when multiculturalists employ the term inclusion, it is often used as a club to destroy diversity—it certainly was used as a pretext to nix Good Friday, a day of special significance in the Christian calendar. Yet we noticed that Bloomington recognizes the “Day After Thanksgiving” as an official city holiday, and it celebrates nothing.

As we pointed out last year, Hamilton is married to Dawn Johnsen. [Email her] In 2010, the Catholic League worked against her nomination by President Obama to head the Office of Legal Counsel. We did so because of her efforts to strip the Catholic Church of its tax exempt status, something she did while working for the ACLU in 1988. She did not get the job. But if there were any doubts about Hamilton’s motive for renaming Good Friday, this settles the matter.

On Good Friday, Bloomington’s multicultural calendar lists “Hola Bloomington,” a Latino radio show that runs on Friday evenings. It  would be fitting if the hosts read the Stations of the Cross in recognition of Good Friday, and see what Comrade Hamilton does next.

Contact Hamilton: [email protected]

The other holiday Hamilton has renamed for "inclusivity" is Columbus Day, which he has decreed will be called “Fall Holiday.”

Last year, Donuhue said

He did not say why Martin Luther King, Jr. Day would not be renamed “Winter Holiday.”

Let’s be honest. Hamilton would not rename Martin Luther King, Jr. Day “Winter Holiday” because he does not want to offend blacks. He opted to rename Good Friday “Spring Holiday” because he doesn’t mind offending Christians. Yes, it is just that simple.

It's true that blacks might riot if Martin Luther King Day were renamed, and it's also true that King was himself nominally a Christian minister of religion. (The late Christopher Hitchens, an notable atheist, said of King that "In no real as opposed to nominal sense, then, was he a Christian." Hitchens meant that at as a compliment, but you can see the point that the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King was more of a racial and political figure than a Christian one).

Of course, the main point of "inclusivity" on Good Friday and Columbus Day is to exclude the Historic American Nation.

Columbus was the vehicle by which white Christian civilization came to America—he has to go!

The poor old Easter Bunny is part of that same civilization—he has to go, too!

I mean, isn't the Historic American Nation supposed to be dying out?

Well, they keep telling us that, but it keeps not happening. And Easter, is after all, about finding that what you thought was dead was, miraculously, alive.

So "Happy Easter" from all of us at VDARE.com!

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