A Reader Reports PC Grinch Getting Early Start In San Diego
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Glynn Custred Sighs About Social Science

From: Doug Bell

Is it too early to start thinking about War Against Christmas Competition 2002?

Wishing you in advance a "Happy Vacation"!

San Diego Union-Tribune, September 17, 2002

Christmas Fest Goes Politically Correct

After being celebrated for 24 years as Christmas On The Prado, Balboa Park's annual holiday festival, which attracts as many as 125,000 people, has been renamed Balboa Park December Nights.

Critics say the new name is meant to remove any connotation of religion and Christmas from the celebration, and the committee that sponsors the traditional tree-lighting has pulled out of the event in protest, choosing to hold its own ceremony a week earlier.

But park spokeswoman Martha Clark said the name change reflects "the rich cultural diversity" of San Diego and the fact that the event is now throughout the park, not centered exclusively along the Prado…

October 07, 2002

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