War On Christmas Competition App Now Available!
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It is an annual tradition here at VDARE.com to track the season’s most egregious examples of the War on Christmas with a little friendly competition. Traditionally, readers could write up their submissions and send them off to [email protected], where they would be judged by our esteemed panel (ahem, editor Peter Brimelow and Trooper the Cat). At the end of the season – or sometimes, if we’re really disorganized, at the start of the next season – a winner is announced.

Sometimes prizes are even rewarded!

This year we’re kicking it up a notch with the War on Christmas app, available on both Android and Apple devices.  Entries in the form of photos submitted through the app will be featured on the “War on Christmas” pane on VDARE.com’s homepage, and they can be voted up and down by other users.

Old fashioned email submission are still being accepted at [email protected].

Questions can be directed to me, at [email protected]

May the games begin!

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