War Against Christmas 2004 Competition [VI]
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Another Boycott Beckons (Sob Again!) [Bryanna Bevens]

A couple of days ago, I ranted about Target's new policy that forbids the Salvation Army from placing volunteers outside its doors to collect donations for charity.

Supposedly, this is the result of a new policy that prohibits solicitation.

Hey, if you are going to take a stand against solicitation, why not gut Christian charity? By the way, I notice none of these stores have sought to squelch UNICEF. Hmmm, very suspicious!

Well, Target isn't the only corporation guilty of fat cat malevolence toward the Salvation Army. Here are a few more, courtesy of a recent ABC news story:

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Ok, so here's the thing: I haven't spent much time at Home Depot, Lowe's or Circuit City and by "spent much time" I mean I never go there. Saws, lumber, electronics etc… yeah, every clock in my house blinks, ok?

Barnes and Noble, however—I am a frequent flyer.

Again, I am the last person who should encourage a boycott. But I am willing to give up B&N because, frankly, it's the only way to let them know that they have gone too far.

First Bloomingdales, now Barnes and Noble. Who am I? Job?

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Khristmaskampf in U.K. (What Established Church?) [John Brimelow]

The Rev Kendall Harmon, whose titusonenine blog is probably the most substantial internet bastion of traditional Episcopalianism, has fortifications thrown out against the anti-Christmas campaign too. Here he reports an Englishman protesting in the (London) Times about the eradication of any references to Christmas in his company's Christmas cards:

"As a Christian, I would be pleased to receive a greetings card which celebrated a festival of another religion. I would have thought that adherents to other religions would think likewise."

The U.S. throws a long cultural shadow and we have a lot to answer for.

Another recent titusonenine item reports that a retiring member of the U.K. Anglican Church's Archbishop's Council has presented a paper "forecasting that Christianity in Britain will be driven underground" and predicting a "time of great persecution coming, which will drive Christianity all but underground in the West."

It started here!

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