Egg on Face for Christmas War Denier
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Yesterday I noted that

This year a remarkable numbers of exiles on the hardscrabble fringes of the MSM seem to be trying (rather pathetically) to advertise they are too! real journalists by writing utterly fact-deprived and essentially dishonest articles denying that there is a War Against Christmas – for instance here and here. It seems to be (so to speak) a catechism.

I did not cite a particularly fine example, the elegantly-headlined War on Christmas My Ass by Will Moredock Charleston City Paper Dec 19, 2009

It looks like this ridiculous media-driven "war on Christmas"crap has finally run its course.

This essay simply scalps the anti-Christmas Christopher Beame Slate article I discussed on Sunday and the Time piece Tom Piatak dissects in our leading article today.

Happily, Moredock has immediately been shown up as the boorish fool he undoubtedly is by an event on his own doorstep:

Charleston Fire Department Forced To Remove Nativity Display WJBF-TV Dec 22 2009

Charleston, SC—Firefighters are forced to pull the plug on a Christmas Nativity scene, one that they’ve displayed for years…after a local man filed a complaint with the Wisconsin based Freedom From Religion Foundation.

(Congratulate Annie Laurie Gaylor and Dan Barker, Co-Presidents of Freedom From Religion)

As it happens, this effort at repression was only partially successful. Nativity scene returns to fire station - with extras The (Charleston) Post and Courier - By Adam Parker Dec 23 2009 reports

The Nativity scene at Charleston Fire Station 12, which was removed last week after the city received a written complaint from a national First Amendment watchdog organization, was restored Tuesday once city officials decided to enhance the display with other holiday decorations.

…the City and Fire Department determined that to make sure the holiday decorations are in compliance with the laws, the Fire Department is adding decorations to the Nativity scene to include a Jewish Chanukah Menorah, Kwanzaa Kinara, Santa Claus, elves and reindeer," department officials announced in a news release

The article reports Freedom From Religion’s

staff attorney, Rebecca S. Kratz, said the modified display probably is OK. "In terms of the Nativity," she said, "if you muddy it up with secular decorations, federal courts have deemed it permissible."

“If you muddy it up”…wonderful.

While the citizens of Charleston are to be congratulated on their response, the fact remains, as in the Chambersburg case, that an aggressive minority have succeeded in spoiling a display which for years was tolerated by all and obviously loved by many Charlestonians.

Tell Will Moredock to wake up and face the facts about the War Against Christmas.


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