A New York Reader Reports A Corporate Hero In The War Against Christmas!
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From: Dawn Carracio: (e-mail her)

Last year, Patchogue, NY called its annual year-end procession the "Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade."

That's history. This year the event, to be held November 23rd, will be known as the "Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade."

According to sources, the word "Christmas" offended some residents who wanted a "more inclusive" title.

As a result, in a pro-Christmas stand, Brookhaven-based Fireworks by Grucci pulled out. The company provided the spectacular pyrotechnic display that makes the parade so memorable.

Said Grucci vice president Philip Butler (e-mail him) who has campaigned against Christmas's secularization:

"They are using all the themes of Christmas and plagiarizing all those themes and not using the name." [Patchogue Parade Loses Fireworks in 'Christmas' Dispute, by Patrick Whittle, Newsday, October 23, 2008]

The result for parade goers: no Christmas and no fireworks.

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