A New York Reader Reports A Corporate Hero In The War Against Christmas!
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November 16, 2008, 04:00 AM
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From: Dawn Carracio: (e-mail her)

Last year, Patchogue, NY called its annual year-end procession the "Patchogue Christmas Boat Parade."

That`s history. This year the event, to be held November 23rd, will be known as the "Patchogue Holiday Boat Parade."

According to sources, the word "Christmas" offended some residents who wanted a "more inclusive" title.

As a result, in a pro-Christmas stand, Brookhaven-based Fireworks by Grucci pulled out. The company provided the spectacular pyrotechnic display that makes the parade so memorable.

Said Grucci vice president Philip Butler (e-mail him) who has campaigned against Christmas`s secularization:

"They are using all the themes of Christmas and plagiarizing all those themes and not using the name." [Patchogue Parade Loses Fireworks in `Christmas` Dispute, by Patrick Whittle, Newsday, October 23, 2008]

The result for parade goers: no Christmas and no fireworks.