A Frequent Flyer Reports A War On Christmas Victory At The Detroit Airport
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From: A Non-PC Airline Employee [Email him]

Though Christmas 2013 is nearly gone as I write this, I thought I would point out a change for the better, and it surprised me as much as anyone.

I fly in and out of the McNamara terminal (the big Delta, formerly Northwest Airlines) hub at DTW, Detroit-Wayne County, Airport, on a regular basis. I have been based there for a long while, and have always flown some during the Christmas season, even if not on the day, when I'm lucky.

Maybe my memory is failing me, but I cannot recall seeing anything like the big Christmas trees that were put up both in A Concourse (next to the cool water fountain and gate A-40) and in C Concourse (across from the Delta Sky Club above the low-number C gates)

I can tell you for a fact that the psychedelic tunnel that goes between A and B/C had never before had anything resembling Christmas music, since the terminal was finished in 2001. They have always played the same music to go along with the light show. However, in December I noticed that they play the Snoopy Christmas Special song, a Christmas medley that starts off with "We Three Kings of Orient .." , and I believe one more. Yeah, there's no "Silent Night" or "Away in a Manger", but I greatly appreciated it. More importantly, it was a big slap in the face to many soulless, politically-correct jerks who sorely need slaps in the faces, at the very least!

Keep it up, DTW, and, of course, VDare.com!

Merry Christmas!

James Fulford writes: The writer apologized in a postscript for not being able to provide pictures or video, but someone else was surprised enough by the Christmas music in the tunnel to YouTube it, so here it is:


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