War On Christmas Denial From CNN And Media Matters
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David Brock's Media Matters put up this video denying the existence of a War On Christmas

CNN's Carol Costello: "Fox News, As It Does Every Year, Went Crazy" Over Phony War On Christmas | Media Matters for America

The underlying story, which they're saying is totally not evidence of a War On Christmas, is that Lincoln Chafee, Governor of Rhode Island, insists on calling the 17 foot spruce in the Rhode Island state house a holiday tree.

He insists that it's part of the state's tradition of religious freedom, but that's an error.  What he's thinking of here is religious pluralism, which works against freedom of religion in the public square, because people are told that they're not allowed to say Merry Christmas:

More Media Matters denialism:

For the refutation, see Tom Piatak's Yes, Virginia (And Michelle Goldberg), There Is A War Against Christmas.

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