Orrin Hatch Joins The War Against Christmas
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Who knew that Orrin Hatch was a part-time songwriter?   He’s apparently been putting out music with the Church of Latter Day Saints since he was a young man, and one song ("Heal Our Land")was even performed at George W. Bush’s inauguration in 2005.

But my own personal favorite is the song Hatch wrote about the lateTed Kennedy after his death this summer (“Headed Home“).

Just honor him

Honor Him

And on the reefs of despair

We shall not crash.

I am guessing that ”We shall not crash” is not a reference toChappaquiddick. But Ted, who actually named his own dog “Splash”, would probably have been too clueless to catch the irony anyway.

Now, as if to coincide with Tom Piatak’s fine VDARE.com piece on Hanukah, Sen. Hatch has  just released ”The Eight Days of Hanukah.”

The Boston Globe praised the song as a ”winning statement about the spirit of pluralism” and a ”triumph of multiculturalism.”

Actually, "The Eight Days of Hanukah" is clearly meant to compete with the traditional  carol "The 12 Days of Christmas."     Listen here, if you can bear it.


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