VDARE.com Presents: The Ebony On Ivory Report—Black-On-White Crime & Race Riot Coverage [115 Items]
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Taking you on a jog through black-on-white crime and politicized riots from Ahmaud Arbery to nationwide riots, VDARE.com presents... The Ebony on Ivory Report [115 items]:

You may find yourself asking “What’s the Matter with Minneapolis?,” as the Establishment Appears Increasingly Demented as It Tries to Mold the Narrative.

Maybe you’re wondering if there was ever a riot for Justine Damond, white woman murdered by Somalian Minneapolis Police Officer while reporting a possible sexual assault in 2017? (Nope.)

Or for these people hacked with a machete at Public Storage, shot while visiting their sons grave, beaten by a “caregiver” for sport, or stabbed while rescuing a woman from being raped by an African migrant?

The right is Abandoning Accused Minneapolis Cop—But They Shouldn’t. Federale makes a strong case that Derek Chauvin is a political prisoner, like George Zimmerman, Darren Wilson, and Daniel Pantaleo.

Steve Sailer offers practical advice: Which Is Worse: Complaining About Harmless Blacks Or Failing To Alert Police About Dangerous Black Men?

And John Derbyshire offers this pessimistic outlook for the future: We’re Not Allowed To Be Honest About Black Crime—So We May End Up With A Crazy Black Lady President.

It’s all a symptom of the Great Replacement.

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