Irresponsible Dem/ MSM Complex Tells Childish Blacks To Riot—So They Do. Whose Fault Is That?
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What kind of a person would tell white American children that they were, to some extent, justified in burning down the neighborhood stores that might one day employ them? That the teachers, and not they, were in charge of the school because the teachers were wicked people who wanted to hurt them? That teachers should take the side of these violent kids and help in their mindless quest towards destruction? But this is exactly what the Democrat/ Main Stream Media Complex is telling blacks in American cities today.

In effect, the Democrat/ Main Stream Media complex is inciting people who have the psychology of white children—that is, African-Americans—to riot. And it is encouraging them to feel that their relatively low social status is the fault of whites, rather than an inevitable result of their own average deficiencies.

Let us be frank. African-Americans have the modal psychology of white American children. They have an average IQ of 85, compared to a white IQ of 100. This is the difference between a police officer and a low-level security guard or casual laborer. And it’s one of the longest-standing and most widely replicated results in psychometrics.

This difference is mainly for genetic reasons. Inter-racial twin adoption studies have shown that the IQ of blacks, adopted by middle class whites, ultimately ends up being about 85, the likely IQ of their biological parents. And the difference between whites and blacks on IQ tests is on the IQ sub-tests, the results in which are the most strongly genetic, with blacks' best scores being on the most environmentally influenced, and also culturally unfair, parts of the IQ tests. All of this is widely known—see, for example, Arthur Jensen’s 1998 book The g Factor.

Raw intelligence—meaning the ability to solve cognitive problems—peaks at about the age of 35, though there are variations depending on the kind of intelligence, and then starts to decline [Cognitive Skills Peak at Different Ages Across Adulthood, American Psychological Association, 2015]. This is why “intelligence” is judged in relation to people of your own age—hence “Intelligence Quotient.” An average 35-year-old will score better on an intelligence test than a very clever seven-year-old, but the seven-year-old will have a higher IQ and will score far better in early middle age than Mr. Average did.

This means that the average African-American of 35 will have the intelligence of a white 29 year-old and it will decline from then on. So a black rioter, who may be around 18 years old, will have the intellectual capacity of a white 15 year-old.

In other words…a child.

As Arthur Jensen showed in The g Factor, IQ is associated with a very large number of important things including socioeconomic status, salary, and education level. So these correlates alone would predict that blacks would be poorer than whites.

However, IQ is also associated with law-abidingness, meaning that blacks will be more criminal than whites and, so, more likely to be arrested and more likely to go to prison. This has nothing to do with “discrimination” or “racism” because it is neatly explained by black IQ.

In addition, low IQ predicts poor moral reasoning, low altruistic behavior, low empathy for others' feelings, black-and-white thinking, impulsivity, lack of trust, and high racial prejudice.

This means, in essence, that black people, compared to whites, are a barrel of gunpowder awaiting a lighted match. They are, compared to whites, more inclined, due to their lower IQ, to break the law, behave selfishly, and callously, act on impulse without thinking of the future, to accept simplistic and dogmatic ideas that might benefit them (such as “It's all to do with white racism”) and they can be expected to hate whites in a way that is not reciprocated.

All of these points are truer of children than adults, because children are less intelligent than adults.

But that is not all. Then there is the average personality of blacks, in comparison to whites. This is also more child-like.

Most psychologists accept that there are 5 key personality traits—known as the Big Five. These traits are Openness (intellectual curiosity and being interested in novelty), Conscientiousness (impulse control and rule following), Extraversion (feeling positive feelings strongly and taking risks), Agreeableness (altruism and empathy) and Neuroticism (feeling negative feelings strongly and thus being mentally unstable). They are at least 50 percent heritable on average [Heritability of the Big Five Personality Dimensions and Their Facets: A Twin Study, by Kerry L. Jang, W. John Livesley, Philip A. Vernon, Personality, September, 1996]. [See Daniel Nettle’s 2007 book Personality.]

The strength of these personality traits changes across the life span. As we age, we tend to become higher in Conscientiousness, higher in Agreeableness, and lower in Extraversion. In other words, we become kinder, more rule-following and less inclined to take stupid risks. The evidence for Neuroticism is mixed and unclear [Age Differences in the Big Five Across the Life Span, by M. Donnellan & Richard Lucas, Psychology of Aging, 2008].

African-Americans score lower than whites, when controlling for age, in Conscientiousness and Agreeableness (which also means they have higher self-esteem than whites) and they score higher in Extraversion—see Race, Evolution, and Behavior, by J. Philippe Rushton, 1995, p. 25. In other words, their personality is more child-like, meaning they can be much more easily incited towards precisely the rioting behavior in which they intermittently engage. However, you might also expect them to be adventurous, friendly and talkative in comparison to whites.

Blacks are low in Neuroticism, but this is because they are so low in one measure of it: Anxiety. This trait makes you worry about other people’s feelings and what they think of you. It also makes you worry about the future consequences of your actions. It would make you very disinclined, in other words, to riot and loot.

On all other key measures of Neuroticism, blacks score higher than whites. They are, therefore, higher in stress disorders than are whites, including Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. This means they are more “on edge”—more likely to explode into a rage  [Race Differences in Anxiety Disorders, Worry and Social Anxiety, by Heitor Fernandes et al., Mankind Quarterly, 2018]. Indeed, they score higher than whites in Hypomania, an aspect of which is irritability [Why Race Matters, by Michael Levin, 2005, p.74]. Research has also found that they are higher than whites in negative ethnocentrism—in feeling strongly negative feelings about other races. (This is discussed in Race Differences in Ethnocentrism, by Edward Dutton).

In intelligence and personality, and in all that these predict, blacks can be compared to white children. Responsible people look after children, nurture them towards pro-social behavior, teach them to think logically, and teach them to follow the rules.

What kind of people would encourage adults who have a childlike psychology to riot and feel justified in so doing? 

Only the ardent enemies of all that is good in the world.

Looking at you, Dem/MSM Complex.

FOOTNOTE: This is far from the first time this theme has appeared on In 2005, Steve Sailer pointed out in Racial Reality And The New Orleans Nightmare that the feckless Bush Administration should have anticipated the chaos that would break out in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina given the racial makeup of the population, but apparently really believed Ruling Class dogma on race. This got Sailer into trouble, to which he responded: More On The New Orleans Nightmare: Why We Have To Talk About Racial Reality Even If John Podhoretz Says We Can't:

Our mainstream media is so intellectually hamstrung by self-censorship, so lacking in a conceptual vocabulary for describing racial realities, that after watching blacks tormenting blacks night after night in New Orleans, shooting at the helicopters and boats trying to rescue their fellow African-Americans, all the pundits could do was scream “white racism!”

And prescribe massive new spending on urban poverty—despite all the evidence that the last War of Poverty made the New Orleans Nightmare worse by undermining African-Americans' already tenuous family structure.

Fifteen years later—more than fifty years after first being proposed—the prescription remains the same.

It still doesn’t work. And it never will.

Lance Welton [email him] is the pen name of a freelance journalist living in New York.

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