Black Lies & White Lives Don't Matter | Faith J. Goldy
May 15, 2020, 07:43 PM
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The Ahmaud Arbery story ought to serve as a warning sound to a nation in demographic decline: Black Lies don’t count and white lives don’t matter in America anymore.

The District Attorney who originally investigated the case saw no grounds for arrest; yet, nearly three months later, both former police officer Gregory and son Travis McMichael have been arrested and charged with murder. Their home address has been doxxed, ensuring that even if they are acquitted at the state level (something which will surely be appealed again and again), they will be unemployable and unable to return to their old lives ever again. Not to mention the fact that the DOJ is now considering hate crime charges at the federal level against the white father and son who, they say, shot sinless “jogger” Amaud Arbery.

How did we get here? A perfect storm of Black Lies -- race hucksters teaming up with ethno-masochistic ‘goodwhites’ -- and the new media norm that white lives don’t matter.

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