Biden's First Public Appearance in Two Months Was at Veterans' Cemetery Where Paul and Lidia Marino Were Murdered by a BLM Terrorist. Biden Said, "Never, Ever Forget"—But Didn’t Mention The Marinos
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From MSN late last month:

Joe & Jill Biden Mark Memorial Day Wearing Masks At Delaware Military Cemetery 5/27/2020

After more than two months of quarantining, former Vice President Joe Biden made his first outing at a memorial park near his home in Delaware.

On Monday, Biden and his wife, Jill Biden, laid a wreath of white roses on the main memorial site at the Delaware Veterans Memorial Cemetery in Bear, Delaware.

At his first public appearance in two months, at the same Veterans cemetery where octogenarians Paul & Lidia Marino were murdered by an apparent* BLM terrorist, Joe Biden said, “Never, ever forget.”
Of course, Biden, like everyone else, had already forgotten the Marinos. In all the coverage of Biden’s reappearance in the press, no mention was made of the likely Black Lives Matter terrorist’s murder of two whites visiting their son’s grave just 19 days earlier*.
* No motive has yet been released in the double slaying, because, after all, the Who? Whom? Optics are very bad, so the whole story has been almost completely memoryholeded.
Never, ever forget… because nobody else will remember this for you.
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