White High School Teacher: ‘If There Is Only One Black Kid at Your Child’s Birthday Party, You’re Doing It Wrong”
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A high school English teacher has zeroed in on the solution to America's racial strife: There must be at least two black children at your white child's birthday party.

Ellie Park, another English teacher, said she and other whites must employ their hue as a lever to help their black fellow citizens make direly needed changes. “We must be sure we include people of color in every sphere we occupy,” she said, “If there is only one black kid at your child’s birthday party, you’re doing it wrong.”

“Use your whiteness,” Park said.

‘Use your whiteness!’ Carlisle rally speakers urge racial unity, solid action in wake of George Floyd’s death, by Matt Miller, PennLive.com, June 4, 2020

The brilliance of this solution from Ellie Park had escaped our attention heretofore.

I note that Ms. Park does not have any black children appearing in her own family photos.

All of the horrors of West African slavery, the lynchings, the black-on-white murders, the billions of stressed interactions between two groups of people who never evolved to live together in an integrated society? Gone—poof!

All it took was two black kids at the white birthday party.

We might need to set up a hotline.

"Hello, Black Bodies Birthday line? Yes, it's me, Karen. Grayson is having a party next week at the Pizza Palace."

"OK, how old is he?"

"He'll be six."

"How many black kids are coming?"

"Well, just Deion, so far, from soccer. We need another black body."

"Got it. Michael's available. He lives across town, but we're happy to drop him off and pick him up. That way, Facebook postings about the party will have two black kids. Have you thought of going for three?"

Meanwhile, her school—Carlisle Area High School—has a lower-than-average "diversity" score and is mostly (77 percent) white.

Harrisburg High School in the neighboring county is 57 percent black...and 98 percent minority. Ms. Park doesn't choose to teach there, so maybe she's doing something wrong.


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