Breaking in Minneapolis: Blacks Attack Progressive Library
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Also by Gilbert Cavanaugh: Last Night’s Riots in Minneapolis at American Renaissance

Last night, during the riots in Minneapolis, the local library was targeted: 

The audible cry of "Not the library!! People read books there!" amused me greatly. Anybody who has ever been there (e.g., me) knows that this particular library is often used for other things as well, a now-deleted Yelp review described it well:

Every time I come to this library I see junkies using the public restroom as a shooting gallery. Maybe that’s why this library has actual security personnel. We used to bring our kids here because it is the closest library open on Sunday. After last time, having to explain what a junkie is to a four-year-old, we’ll skip the hepatitis and go somewhere else. Maybe this library location will be better in warmer weather when IV drug users can pass out in a park instead of the restroom.

Moreover, if all people ever did there was read, why are there always security guards present during its business hours? 

At present, it is unclear if the building has been looted or torched, just that the entrance was vandalized. If it suffers, it will be a funny instance of “blacks versus liberals.” As I noted for in 2018, the city of Minneapolis has filled it with anti-ICE propaganda (in English, Spanish, and Somali), all of which may get destroyed if the rioting blacks get in. 


Somali ICE


The owners of Moon Palace Books, (Phone: 612-454-0455; Email them], which is quite close to where the riots took place may be nervous right now too. Ironically enough, that’s the progressive hub where black radical Keith Ellison joyfully posed with a pro-antifa book [“Progressive House Democrat promotes Antifa book in selfie,” RT, January 4, 2018].



For more notes on the riots from a guy who lived in that neighborhood for years, please read my American Renaissance essay “Last Night’s Riots in Minneapolis,” published just this morning. 

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