Joe Biden Wants To Talk About Black “Jogger” Ahmaud Arbery—Why Won’t He Talk About These Raped/Murdered White Joggers?
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Ahmaud Arbery attracted suspicion by running through a burglary-plagued white Georgia neighborhood back in February, and when challenged by armed white residents apparently tried to grab a gun from one of them, which resulted in him being shot [New video emerges of fatal shooting of black jogger in Georgia, May 6, 2020]. As American Renaissance Editor Jared Taylor points out in a devastating analysis [Ahmaud Arbery: The Next Trayvon Martin?, May 7, 2020], that’s consistent with what the recently released video shows.

But the incident is being described, not only by the MSM but by Democrat presidential nominee-presumptive Joe Biden, as the "murder" of a "jogger” [Parents of south Georgia jogger cry out for justice, calls for arrests of 3 men, by Aungelique Proctor, Georgia FOX 5, Atlanta, May 6, 2020].

As I write, charges have been laid, with a headline you would not see if the races were reversed: White father and son arrested in killing of Ahmaud Arbery, black man gunned down while jogging in Georgia, by Nicquel Terry Ellis, USA TODAY, May 7, 2020.

Rod Dreher, a professionally weepy cuckservative with occasional flashes of realism, has weighed in: Ahmaud Arbery, Just A Runner, American Conservative, May 5, 2020.

Scott Greer added in a further tweet: "Who goes on a jog 12 miles from home in cargo shorts?"

I don't know, but I do know the MSM lied about Michael Brown, who died trying to grab the gun of police officer Darren Wilson, and about Trayvon Martin, who died trying to grab George Zimmerman's gun. And this has consequences. In 1991 the MSM’s lies about "motorist" Rodney King inspired the Los Angeles Riots. In 2014, MSM lies inspired rioting in Ferguson and St. Louis by lying about Michael Brown. They inspired riots in Baltimore in 2015 by lying about Freddie Gray.

So I'll wait for more evidence.

Meanwhile, let's remember some other joggers Joe Biden doesn’t want to talk about:

  • Wendy Martinez


...was stabbed seven times, twice in the head and once in the face around the right side of the neck near the carotid artery.

Martinez’s stab wounds were very serious, and she made her way into a nearby Chinese restaurant after the attack.

Surveillance video from the restaurant...shows the woman coming inside the restaurant covered in blood. She appears to be talking to the customers inside before she collapses. Then she died.

The man arrested, Anthony Crawford, is known to police not to like white people

Her Name Is Wendy Martinez: Out Jogging in Washington DC, White Woman Stabbed to Death by Black Man Who "Does Not Like White People", by Paul Kersey, SPBDL,  September 22, 2018.

  • Nathan Trapuzzano

Trapuzzano went for an early morning jog in Indianapolis and was shot dead by Simeon Adams, below:

Adams is now doing 67 years, but that doesn't make it safe to jog while white in Indianapolis. See also If Obama Had A Son, Would He Laugh Like This?

A father-to-be, Trapuzzano was survived by his wife and a baby girl born posthumously.

  • Karina Vetrano

Vetrano, of Queens NY, was out jogging when Chanel Lewis sexually assaulted and killed her. He was caught with the aid of DNA evidence.

Mystery of Karina Vetrano’s Death Ends With Murder Conviction, by Jan Ransom, the New York Times,  April 1, 2019.

  • Chandra Levy

Levy was jogging in Washington D.C.’s  Rock Creek Park, when she was killed. Ingmar Guandique, an illegal from El Salvador, was convicted of her murder. (He claimed not to have raped her.) Then the conviction was reversed, by the usual Social Justice Warrior methods, after which he was deported. The Washington Post reported that he had admitted to attacking two other white female joggers in the park, both of whom fought him off. See Who Killed Chandra Levy? CHAPTER SIX: The Predator in the Park, July 18, 2008.

(See The Chandra Levy Fiasco: Incompetent Affirmative Action Police Work—And Social Justice Warrior Lawyers, by Nicholas Stix, August 1, 2016)

  • Mollie Tibbetts

was jogging in Brooklyn, Iowa, a town that was filling up with illegal aliens. One of them, illegal alien Cristhian Bahena-Rivera, followed her and sexually harassed her. When she threatened to call the police, he snapped, killed her, and stuffed her dead body in the trunk of his car.

  • Dave Stevens

Stevens was jogging when in Dallas, when former football player Thomas Linze Johnson (below left) "randomly" killed him with a machete. A year later, Stevens's widow took her own life.

Wife of White Man Brutally Murdered by Former Black Texas A&M Athlete Commits Suicide, by Paul Kersey, SPBDL, October 28, 2015

  • Trisha Meili

Meili is a special case. She was known as "Central Park Jogger" because of the traditional protection that rape victims get from public embarrassment, but came out with a book called I Am the Central Park Jogger: A Story of Hope and Possibility, in 2003.

Steve Sailer quoted this statement from the Washington Post:

Michael Vigna, a competitive cyclist out on a training ride, was the first victim. At trial, the 31-year-old described the “rambunctious” group “spread across the roadway” as he approached.

“One of the youths stuck his arm out in the direction of my face, and just barely missed my head,” he said. “I could, in fact, hear the sound of his fist, the force of his blow just nearly nicking my side of my head.”

Vigna testified he sped down the asphalt path, away from the boys, who quickly found their next victim: 50-year-old Antonio Diaz, whom some of the boys referred to as “the bum” or “the homeless man” in statements to police. Diaz was crossing through the park with a beer, chicken, rice and beans in hand.

“They picked me up by my neck and then by my feet,” he told jurors during the trial for Salaam, Santana and McCray. He said the attackers threw him to the ground and “kept kicking at me and hitting me with their fists.” In their statements, Wise, Richardson, Salaam, McCray and Lopez admitted to attacking Diaz and dragging his body off to the side.

Jerry Malone and Patricia Dean were riding a tandem bicycle through the park when they encountered the group. Like Vigna described, the teens spread across the roadway, blocking their path. Dean recalled they pulled up dark hoods, crouched down and made “sort of grunting” noises.

“At that point I was terrified,” she testified. As the couple pedaled into and through the group, Dean said three men on her right side began to push and pull her legs. On her left, she said, another was grabbing at her thigh and trying to lift it up. “They almost ripped me off the bike.”

When speaking to police, McCray, Salaam, Richardson, Wise and Lopez mentioned there were tandem bikers they were unable to catch. [Emphases added.]

Kamala: Who Will Think of the Innocent Black Baby Bodies of the Central Park Five?, July 7, 2019

It looks like tandem biking is safer than jogging.

The convictions of the Central Park Five were reversed—and they received large cash settlements—as the result of a campaign of propaganda which included two separate documentaries, one by Ken Burns. Both Ann Coulter and Nicholas Stix have written repeatedly that their release was a miscarriage of justice. Trisha Meili isn’t happy about it either: 'I so wish the case hadn't been settled': 1989 Central Park jogger believes more than 1 person attacked her, by Susan Welsh, Keren Schiffman and Enjoli Francis. May 23, 2019.

This is a salutary reminder of how much the Ruling Class absolutely refuses to acknowledge the reality of black crime, and is fanatically determined to insist that white racism is at fault.

  • Christopher Lane

Lane, a white Australian baseball player on scholarship to  East Central University in  Oklahoma, pictured here with his girlfriend:

He was killed by these three guys, all under 18.

Their reason: They were bored [The Christopher Lane Murder: Dead Souls of a Cultural Revolution, by Patrick J. Buchanan, August 22, 2013]

  • Carissa Horton and Ethan Nichols
It's not certain that Carissa Horton, 18, and Ethan Nichols, 21, were jogging—they may have been, they were found murdered on jogging trail.
What is certain is that they were killed by these guys.
Darren Price Jerard Davis

Confessed murderers, Darren Price (L), and Jerard Davis (R).

  • Harry Stone

It is certain that Harry Stone, below, was jogging in Raytown, Missouri. It's not certain that the two men who randomly shot him from a passing car were black—because they were never caught.

Stone Murder: Metro Squad Will Disband, by Michelle Pekarsky, Fox4, May 15, 2012. A columnist for Kansas City Star certainly thought they did: When Thugs Declare Open Season—On Human Beings, by Yael T. Abouhalkah, May 16, 2012.

See Justice for Harry Stone, by Paul Kersey, SBPDL, May 17, 2012.

These cases of dead or raped white joggers are all drawn from either our archives at, or Paul Kersey's archive. But there are a lot more out there.

In a 2012 item about the fact that no less than three separate white Supreme Court justices had been attacked by men of "no particular color" (i.e. unreported by the MSM), I pointed out that Justice David Souter, 64 at the time,  had been beaten and injured by "youths" while he was running near a housing project in 2004 [Attack on Souter shows justices' minimal security, by Joan Biskupic, USA TODAY, May 2, 2004].

For whites in America, jogging near black youths is simply not safe. (For one thing, you have little hope of outrunning a black youth.) Like John Derbyshire in 2012, I want to point out that #joggingwhilewhite is a lot more dangerous than #joggingwhileblack.

Regarding the case of Thomas Linze Johnson, above, we got a letter from reader who suggested that the fact that black guys were randomly hacking up joggers with machetes wasn't going to discourage the Concealed Carry movement.

I replied:

What we have here is an anti-white hate crime, in which a black man hacked a white man to death with a machete, due to "rage." That's not how it was reported. The West Texas Reader is right to say that this sort of incident is why people have carry permits. If Thomas Johnson had been shot to death by his victim (now identified as 53 year-old  engineer David Stevens, pictured right) we would be hearing that a disturbed young man, armed with some kind of garden implement, had been ruthlessly shot because of "profiling." Because #BlackLivesMatter, but white lives apparently don't.

Steve Sailer regularly argued that the lies about Trayvon Martin in 2012 and about Ferguson in 2014 were about angrying up the black base in the hope of higher turnout and a Democrat victory. See The Obama Coalition Isn't Bulletproof—Brooklyn Shooting A Result Of Democrats’ 2014 Campaign Strategy.

But two New York cops were killed by a crazed Black Lives Matter supporter inflamed by MSM/Democrat lies.

My listing these black-on-white-jogger crimes is not “Whataboutism.” The central reality of American life today, as Jared Taylor pointed in his article cited in my opening paragraph, is that a black person is nearly 30 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. By suppressing this fact, and implying the opposite, Joe Biden and his MSM gang of thugs are committing a blood libel against White America.

I don't know how far Democrat/MSM lies will go this time. But I'm not going jogging soon.

James Fulford [Email him] has been a writer and editor for for almost 20 years.

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