What's the Matter with Minneapolis?
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See, earlier: The Great Replacement in Minneapolis: From 99% White in 1910 to 60% White in 2020...

Minneapolis’s basic problem at the moment is that its political leadership, for fear of seeming racist, has conceded control to the mob:

For a long term view, iSteve commenter Reg Cæsar says

I’ll let someone else analyze Milwaukee’s development, but few Southern blacks chose Minnesota, and those that did did not create an underclass. Their neighborhoods were small and more mixed. It was secondary migrations from mid-latitude cities that slowly created what those other cities had had fifty years earlier.

Welfare reform came late to Minnesota because it was less necessary. After it hit Illinois, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin, etc, there was no place else for them to go. (Canada sure wouldn’t take them.) They brought their crack industry and wars with them.

This is why Minnesotans were so blasé about African refugees, not some airy-fairy humanitarianism mostly limited to post-Calvinist churches and college sophomores. You don’t worry about the dripping faucet when a fire breaks out in a bedroom.

By the way, how much of the current rioting is related to letting so many “nonviolent” criminals out of jails and prisons due to the epidemic?

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