NYPD Fights Back: Rules of Engagement Aren't the Same in the Capital of the World as in Flyover Cities
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The rules of engagement are different in The Capital of the World where the Important People live than in flyover cities:

The LAPD has also done good a job (at least so far) of keeping the rioters in check.

Here in Los Angeles, the media orthodoxy is that the LAPD was racistly brutal in the old days, but now all is reformed so everything is fine. In reality, Bill Bratton as LAPD chief introduced a brilliant scheme to SoCal. Sam Quinones explained the breakthrough idea a dozen years ago in L.A. was that instead of arresting “gang kingpins”—in reality, you don’t have to be a Criminal Mastermind to run a gang, so there are plenty of replacements for every “kingpin” arrested—you arrest the entire membership of the gang all at once, including foot soldiers, then send them off to federal prisons in the Midwest where they can’t communicate on visiting day with their girlfriends and moms.

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