Shootout on the West Side of Chicago: Mexican Gang vs. Black Raiders
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The Democrats’ Coalition of the Fringes of American society has natural centrifugal tendencies, so we’ll soon no doubt hear more White Man Bad rhetoric from The Establishment to try to reunite the Diverse in the one thing they can be taught to agree upon.

From Wikipedia’s article on Mancur Olson:

In his final book, Power and Prosperity (2000), Olson distinguished between the economic effects of different types of government, in particular, tyranny, anarchy, and democracy. Olson argued that under anarchy, a "roving bandit" only has the incentive to steal and destroy, whilst a "stationary bandit"—a tyrant—has an incentive to encourage some degree of economic success as he expects to remain in power long enough to benefit from that success. A stationary bandit thereby begins to take on the governmental function of protecting citizens and their property against roving bandits. In the move from roving to stationary bandits, Olson sees the seeds of civilization, paving the way, eventually for democracy, which by giving power to those who align with the wishes of the population, improves incentives for good government.[5] Olson's work on the roving vs. stationary bandits is influential in analysis of the political and economic order structured in warlord states and societies.

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