Her Name Is Leslie Baker: White Mother Of Two Murdered In Her Driveway By 16-Year-Old Black Male In Dallas
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White privilege.

Systemic inequality.

Implicit bias.

These three terms, used to explain all problems blacks face in America—persistent and consistent victims of relentless white racism, which easily explains the inequalities they face in life—all melt away as actually existing when you consider how the corporate media (nationally and locally) cover black on white violent crime.

Imagine you are in your own driveway in a safe, posh suburb on a Monday evening at 5 p.m. You’d think you’d be safe right?

More to the point, if white privilege, systemic inequality and implicit bias really existed (and we live in a nation dominated by a white power structure), you’d know the name Leslie Baker by now.

It would be the lead story of every national nightly newscast and the top headline of every major newspaper.

Again, living in a nice suburban home should be the ultimate way to enjoy your white privilege, right?

Not for Leslie Baker, who was murdered in her driveway at 5 p.m. on a Monday evening by a 16-year-old black male.

Her crime? She was sitting in her car in her own driveway.

16-Year-Old Charged With Capital Murder In Shooting Death Of Dallas PR Executive Leslie Baker, DFW CBS Local, May 29, 2020

Dallas police said a 16-year-old will face a charge of capital murder for the shooting death of Leslie Baker, 59, who was found in her driveway this week.

The juvenile was one of three suspects arrested Wednesday night on the 1100 block of Deerwood Drive in South Oak Cliff after a high-speed chase. The suspects were found in a shed, police said.

Police said two handguns, one of which was the murder weapon, were found in the shed.

The suspects were under surveillance for the alleged carjacking of a business owner in Richardson the night after Baker was fatally shot in front of her home on Royalton Drive, which police said was an attempted carjacking.

Police said the teenage suspect was later tied to the Richardson incident and another one in Dallas.

Police said the suspect posted had bragged about stealing the Richardson business owner’s vehicle hours before he was tracked down.

Police-provided image of the teen who allegedly killed Leslie Baker.

Baker was the Director of Marketing at Texas Health Center for Diagnostics and Surgery. She was well-known in the community, a beloved friend, neighbor, wife and mother of two.

“It’s pretty sick to think that juveniles have just no remorse that they would just unload a gun into a 59-year-old innocent woman sitting in her car,” Candace Evans, a nearby homeowner, said.

Police said security cameras from nearby homes were helpful identifying a car seen in the neighborhood before Baker’s death. Sources told CBS 11 News the suspects targeted random victims and their violent crime spree includes murder.

The suspect was placed in detention at the Wade Juvenile Justice Center in Dallas.

Police have not yet released further information on the other people who were arrested.

White privilege doesn’t exist. If it did, Leslie Baker would be a name you’d know and you'd be able to recite exactly what happened to her on a spring evening in her own driveway (murdered by a 16-year-old black male). Instead, you know the name of some white woman who called the police on a black bird watcher in Central Park (which became international news) and you know all about George Floyd and the incident in Minneapolis.

Their Lives Matter Too.

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