De Blasio: The Sack Of Manhattan Was, In The Big Picture, Merely A Quiet Riot
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However, Hizzoner’s sign language interpreter, who looks suspiciously like Weird Al Yankovic, doesn’t seem to be taking the Mayor’s dignity all that seriously.

Is Trump the only government official in America who doesn’t have a sign-language interpreter? When did closed-captions get disinvented, anyway? My phone can probably convert speech to text more efficiently.

iSteve commenter Achmed E. Newman suggests:

I wonder if that sign-language guy was actually saying something totally different from what the Commie Mayor was saying, perhaps “Listen, we don’t [OK, probably not “Listen”] have the situational awareness that the hearing do. Stay the hell inside! Make sure you’ve got security cameras. This moron I work for is full of it. You don’t want anything to do with these people out there expressing their pain downtown. Don’t tell any hearing people what I’m saying. I need this job.”

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