A Reader Wonders What We AREN'T Being Told About George Floyd
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From: An Anonymous Legal Professional [Email him]

There are riots in Minneapolis because of the more or less accidental death of a black criminal named George Floyd. [Four Minneapolis Cops Are Fired over the Death of a Handcuffed Black Man, Daily Mail, May 26, 2020]

Does anyone else suspect that more information about Mr. Floyd is known to the police and medical examiner, but not released for fear of precipitating more "social unrest"?

Of course, by "social unrest" I mean burning police cars, looting of local businesses, assaults on white victims, passive-only police presence, blocking public streets, etc.

Possibly relevant information includes but not limited to:

1. prior convictions
2. drug treatment
3. outstanding warrants
4. domestic violence
5. gang affiliation
6. no visible means of support
7. presence of .20 blood alcohol content, fentanyl, heroin, methamphetamine, cocaine, codeine, bath salts, marijuana, crack, spice etc. in his system
8. made statements condemning white racism?

James Fulford writes: Considering what we found out—after white people who'd been attacked faced criminal charges—about Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, and most recently, Ahmaud Arbery—it's probable that there's a lot of stuff we're not being told. And the authorities may not want to tell us.

Remember, Eric Holder didn't want video of Michael Brown attacking a store clerk released: See Steve Sailer's Should Eric Holder be Indicted for Ferguson Cover-Up?


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