National News vs. Non-News: "Blocked" Black Deliveryman Vs. Murdered White Marinos
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From the New York Times news section, an example of massively important National News:

Black Deliveryman Says He Was Blocked and Interrogated by White Driver

Travis Miller Sr. said he was trying to leave a gated neighborhood in Oklahoma after a delivery when a vehicle blocked his path.

By Mariel Padilla, May 17, 2020

In contrast, the New York Times has never once published the names of the two white octogenarians visiting their son’s grave who were gunned down by a black man on May 8, the day after the first (of now 3) arrests in the Ahmaud Arbery story promoted so extravagantly by the NYT. Two and a half weeks later, the police have yet to venture to suggest a motive.

Some news is not fit to print.

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