His Name Is Daniel Musterman: White Texan Murdered by Three Black Teens (He Tried to Stop Them from Breaking Into His Car)
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If you have car insurance and three black males are breaking into your car, just go ahead and let them finish the job.

You can always replace your stolen car. You can’t replace your life.

This is what Daniel Musterman would tell you today, were he alive to do it. Unfortunately, he interjected as they tried to break into his car, and he was attacked.

Left on life support for more than two weeks, Mr. Musterman passed away on April 26. He was a 53-year-old white male.

Even in the Houston area, you’d be hard-pressed to read about or hear his name in the local press.

3 teens charged in death of 53-year-old Houston man, ABC13.com, April 29, 2020

Houston police have arrested three suspects in connection with the death of a man, investigators say.

On April 9, officers responded to a reported robbery in the 9500 block of South Post Oak Road. When officers arrived, they learned that 53-year-old Daniel Musterman had confronted the suspects who had broken into his car.

During the confrontation, police say the suspects, Kevin White, Judah Hill and Jeremiah King, all 18 years old, attacked Musterman and left with his wallet.

After the attack, Musterman was taken to a hospital. Musterman was on life support until April 26, when he was pronounced dead.

All three suspects have been charged with murder.

We know the rate of interracial crime in America—despite what scripted Hollywood/Law and Order shows might depict—is grotesquely black on white. Consider, “Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent.”

A Platform of Urban Decline: Democratic presidential candidates believe America is racist, yet they ignore the evidence on crime and ensure that racial disparities persist, by Heather Mac Donald, City Journal, September 23, 2019

Just this month, the Bureau of Justice Statistics released its 2018 survey of criminal victimization. According to the study, there were 593,598 interracial violent victimizations (excluding homicide) between blacks and whites last year, including white-on-black and black-on-white attacks. Blacks committed 537,204 of those interracial felonies, or 90 percent, and whites committed 56,394 of them, or less than 10 percent. That ratio is becoming more skewed, despite the Democratic claim of Trump-inspired white violence. In 2012-13, blacks committed 85 percent of all interracial victimizations between blacks and whites; whites committed 15 percent. From 2015 to 2018, the total number of white victims and the incidence of white victimization have grown as well.

Blacks are also overrepresented among perpetrators of hate crimes—by 50 percent—according to the most recent Justice Department data from 2017; whites are underrepresented by 24 percent. This is particularly true for anti-gay and anti-Semitic hate crimes.

Whatever white privilege Daniel Musterman had evaporated quickly on April 9th in Houston, Texas, when he confronted three black males breaking into his car. His story is worth sharing, his life is worth sharing. What happened to him is worth remembering.

His name is Daniel Musterman.

Their Lives Matter Too.

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