Two Black Cops Fired For Enforcing The Law Against Black Students By Black Mayor And White (Lesbian) Police Chief In Atlanta
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A report from Atlanta, which used to call itself "The City Too Busy To Hate""

Atlanta officers fired after college students tased, pulled from car Saturday night, by Mea Watkins, Rhiannon Youngbauer, CBS 46, May 31, 2020

ATLANTA, Ga. (CBS46) -- Two Atlanta police officers who used Tasers to stun two Atlanta college students while removing them from a car Saturday night have been terminated for violating the department's excessive force policy.

Three other officers were placed on desk duty pending further investigation. Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms made the announcement during a press conference Sunday.

"After review of that footage, Chief [Erika] Shields and I have made the determination that two of the officers involved in the incident last night will be terminated immediately," the mayor said.[More]

So the officers are black, the students are black (they go to Spelman and Morehouse, which are "historically" black school) and the only white person involved is the Chief of Police, a white Lesbian.

Obviously, while it's true that black officers are more likely to use excessive force than white officers, they can't possibly have used excessive force here, because it happened during a riot, which is still going on. They, and the rest of the Atlanta PD are using insufficient force. Look for them to use even less force in the future.

The two officers are pictured below, in a screenshot from 2 officers fired after video shows college students pulled from car, tased, May 31, 2020.

Headlines on this story tend to emphasize the blackness of the rioting students, and ignoring the blackness of the officers, as in this example from People Magazine:

Atlanta Officers Fired After Video Shows Use of Taser, Violence on 2 Black College Students

Two black college students were seen being pulled from their car during a violent encounter with police after Saturday's protest in Atlanta By Laura Barcella, June 01, 2020.

The average news consumer, not trained like you and I are to ask "What color 'Man Arrested'?" will continue to assume that the officers looked like this guy:

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