White Married Couple Attacked in Nashville by Machete-Wielding Black Male Angry About Coronavirus Shutdown
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Earlier by Paul Kersey: 2019 Police Data In 56% White Nashville: Black Suspects In 89% Of Nonfatal Shootings/76% Of Homicides


Michigan militia puts armed protest in the spotlight, Associated Press, May 2, 202

Gun-carrying protesters have been a common sight at some demonstrations calling for coronavirus-related restrictions to be lifted. But an armed militia’s involvement in an angry protest in the Michigan statehouse Thursday marked an escalation that drew condemnation and shone a spotlight on the practice of bringing weapons to protest.

But Shannon Watts, the founder of Moms Demand Action, a gun-control group, considers these protests organized by the ultra-right and not necessarily reflective of most gun owners.

While it’s legal to openly carry firearms inside some state capitols, Watts called it “dangerous to normalize this. Armed intimidation has no place in our political debate.” She said those carrying guns at protests are almost always white men, and are “a vocal minority of the country” that opposes the stay-at-home orders.

An overwhelming majority of Americans support stay-at-home orders and other efforts to slow the spread of the virus, according to a recent survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research.

The visual of heavily armed protesters, mostly white men, occupying a government building to a measured response by law enforcement is a particularly jarring one for many African Americans.

It draws a stark contrast to the images that emerged from Ferguson, Missouri, in 2014, when crowds of unarmed, mostly black men, women and children took to the streets in protest after a white police officer shot and killed an unarmed black teenager named Michael Brown. Then, National Guardsmen mounted on military vehicles shot tear gas indiscriminately to disperse the crowds, further flaring tensions between the predominantly black community and law enforcement.

The Michigan demonstrators, she added, “are what happens when people of racial privilege confuse oppression with inconvenience. No one is treading on their rights. We’re all just trying to live.”


Police: Man angry about coronavirus closure attacks 2 people with machete, Associated Press, May 18, 2020

A Nashville couple were in critical care after a man attacked them with a machete because he was angry about shutdowns that were taking place during the coronavirus pandemic, police said.

Kelvin D. Edwards attacked Kevin Craft, 55, and his wife Leanne Craft, 50, on Sunday afternoon in a Public Storage in the city, the Metro Nashville Police Department said in a statement.

Edwards took the machete from his bin at the storage facility and continued striking the couple even after they were bleeding on the floor, police said. The victims were transported to a hospital after officers who responded to the scene used multiple tourniquets to control their bleeding.

Police said they found Edwards, 35, with his hands raised in surrender on the street outside the facility three minutes after they got a 911 call about the attack.

Investigators said Edwards, who is homeless, told them he attacked the couple to demonstrate his anger about the coronavirus shutdowns and his inability to get into Rescue Mission, an organization that serves homeless people. According to its website, the Nashville Rescue Mission has remained open to individuals without shelter during the pandemic.

Police said Edwards, who carries an Arkansas driver license, has been in Nashville since 2016. He had a prior felony vandalism conviction in 2017 and was also convicted for assault after spitting on two Davidson County sheriff’s deputies while in jail.

He was arrested and charged with two counts of attempted murder for the attack Sunday, police said. It was not immediately clear if he had a lawyer who could comment on his behalf.

Kevin and Leanne Craft are a white couple who live in the primary white Nashville suburb of Brentwood. Virtually every printed story about this attack has omitted the fact the attacker was black and the victims are white. All across the country, from Huntington Beach, California, to the Florida panhandle, overwhelmingly white crowds have protested the Coronavirus lockdown/quarantine/stay-at-home orders peacefully.

There’s been no violence.

But we are supposed to believe a black guy, who “randomly” assaults a white married couple in Nashville with a machete was upset about the Coronavirus lockdowns, and this was the primary motivation behind the attack?

To borrow a phrase from the first story, the lack of visuals of the victims in this black machete attack on a white couple is jarring.

In one week, just one week, the carefully choreographed concept of systemic inequality and white privilege (whatever you want to call it) would be washed away if every newspaper, every news website, every nightly newscast (national and local), and every cable news network was forced to abandon covering up the reality of black crime. Putting the blame of shocking levels of black criminality on poverty and white flight (redlining) would be retired by the endless repetition of seeing the faces of black criminals scroll across the screen of whatever medium for news you consume, starting with the story of what happened to the Crafts in Nashville.

Every day is a propaganda battle: The enemies of western civilization have to win every day, to perpetuate their paradigm.

We only have to win once, then the dam breaks for good.

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