A Talk Radio Listener Doesn't Believe Police Can Or Should Be Trained To Shoot Knife-Wielding Attackers "In The Leg"
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Re:Steve Sailer's: Biden Suggests Cops Shoot "Unarmed" Persons Coming At Them With A Knife In The Leg Instead Of The Heart

From: A Talk Radio Listener [Email him]

This is strong evidence that the Dems have polls showing that swing voters overwhelmingly support the police versus black criminals, despite overwhelming GOP establishment and Kushner belief to the contrary.

As for shooting in the legs, in the Army, I could barely hit the target from 20 feet away firing a .45 automatic with both hands. That's the entire target, not just the center. Even experienced shooters have difficulty hitting a target with a handgun one-handed. As von Rauffenstein told de Boeldieu in La Grande Illusion, "I was aiming at your legs."

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