VDARE.TV's Roving Reporters Attend A Protest (Not A Riot—White Liberals Were Involved)
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VDARE.com sent a couple of volunteers with cameras and real microphones to talk to demonstrators who were, unintentionally, displaying various agendas behind the latest rioting. 

One was the "White Gaze" lady, a black woman who was raising sons and telling them they'd have to deal with the "white gaze of fear," caused by the fact, unremarked by her, that black youths are very dangerous. (This is called "The Talk", in the black community, and John Derbyshire was fired from National Review for pointing out the reality involved. )

Another was the "foreign student"—a young woman of accent who felt that foreign students were "underfunded," which shows that she doesn't understand how importing foreign students is meant to work in America—they're supposed to be a self-funding cash cow for Higher Education, allowing them to charge lower tuition for native-born Affirmative Action cases.

In any case, her plight seemed out of place at a demonstration about black criminals being killed by the police.

Then there's Use of Force guy, who felt that since 8 percent of Harrisonburg's population is black, the fact that 30 percent of arrests and "Use of Force incidents" (people resisting arrest) were of blacks, then that means that there's something wrong with the local police, rather than, say, the local black population, which seems, on his evidence, to be committing a lot of the crime.

Use of Force guy is also Doxxing Guy, because he shouted out the Harrisonburg street address (we bleeped it) of deplatformed-from-social-media videobloggers Lana Lokteff and Henrik Palmgren, still online RedIce.tv.

And one more thing, our roving reporters did find one black demonstrator who supported Donald Trump. Unfortunately, he appears to be deranged.

Watch the whole thing above.


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