THE FULFORD FILE: The War On Christmas Is Now The War On Everything Normal (ALSO:’s War On Christmas Compendium)
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Since I wrote Yes, Virginia (Dare), There Is A War On Christmas—Here’s Twenty Years Of Proof! with 356 items in 2019, we’ve added an additional 59  items, making at total of 415. It’s appended below and I’ve put the entire list on a separate page.

What I’d like to point out today: the War on Christmas is simply part of a much larger War On White America. Not only Christmas but all symbols of white, Christian America are under attack—statues, songs, memorials, even graves:

Here’s another example—in 2005, Ann Coulter was interviewed by the New York Observer as she was spending Christmas in New York. The quote below was noted with much disapproval by Media Matters:

[Coulter] Oh, it was so much fun this year, because saying ”Merry Christmas” is like saying ”F—k you!” I’ve said it to everyone. You know, cab drivers, passing people on the street, whatever. And they come up with the ”Happy holidays.”

”Merry Christmas. I mean, it really is an aggressive act in New York.

[Coulter 2005, New York Observer, January 9, 2005]

Now comes Kate Cohen in the Washington Post saying the same thing in reverse—to her, “Happy Holidays” is an aggressive act—a “battle cry” in the War on Christmas she denies waging:

When I wish strangers “Happy Holidays” instead of “Merry Christmas,” it’s a battle cry.

I’m not waging a war on Christmas. I like Christmas. But I am declaring my allegiance to one idea of America that opposes another: inclusive vs. exclusive.

In one recent skirmish, residents of exclusive America crowded a Tuscumbia, Ala., City Council meeting to protest a forthcoming Festival of Yule, which its organizer designed, she said, “for everyone to enjoy this time of year that is winter’s solstice and also an awareness of the origins of this holiday season.”

Opponents declared it, rather, “a sort of twisted anti-Christmas celebration” that threatened the city and the children. Speaker after speaker denounced the festival as a perversion of a holiday that was supposed to honor Jesus Christ, not the devilish Krampus.

Toward the end of the public comment period, a lone voice politely ventured, “I’m not sure that it’s the City Council’s job to enforce Christianity,” and offered advice for citizens offended by the Festival of Yule: “If you don’t agree with it, you don’t have to show up.

Everyone ignored this suggestion. Clearly the problem wasn’t that they would be forced to attend or even that the festival replaced the traditional Christian one; the 12th annual It’s a Dickens Christmas Y’all would occur the following week. The problem was the very idea of inclusion.

[The war on ‘Happy Holidays’ isn’t about Christmas, by Kate Cohen, December 19, 2022]

What is “inclusion” to Ms. Cohen?

Well, it’s things like turning The Little Mermaid black, fake meat at Cracker Barrel, and lots of gay and trans stuff—check out this image of the isolated Christian with his actual Christmas tree with the multiracial people skating around the “Holiday Tree under a Gay rainbow:

What’s not inclusion, to Cohen, is normal American life:

She kind of empathizes (not really) with the Alabamans who are seeing their culture overrun by PC:

I get that it’s destabilizing to lose your monopoly on the culture — or to realize you never had it to begin with. To be informed by the Tuscumbia events calendar that the particular kind of Christmas you’ve celebrated your whole life is not the winter holiday, but a winter holiday.

Of course, if normal Alabamans (remember both black and white Alabamans are overwhelmingly Christians) and Americans in general are losing their “monopoly on the culture” it’s either because of demographic change they never voted for, or because of elite capture of local officials (mayors, librarians) going in for the Latest Thing on Gender, Critical Race Theory and Inclusion.

Who she does not include, although it’s not mentioned in her column—Confederate-Americans:

Very funny. In fact, as a much higher percentage of our readers than her readers would know, April 26 is Confederate Memorial Day, honoring those who died for the Lost Cause. Tuscumbia, which is why the flag was at half-mast. Tuscumbia, AL still has its Confederate Veterans Memorial, and the state of Alabama still closes State offices on April 26. (It’s the anniversary of the peace negotiations between Generals Sherman and Johnston, two weeks after Appomattox and two years after Gettysburg.)

Ms. Cohen ends her column:

As Lyz Lenz wrote about adding more inclusive language to her book “Belabored,” “If I can crack a door open in a conversation and let another person in, why wouldn’t I?

Why wouldn’t we?

So Happy Holidays, inclusive America. And to exclusive America? Happy Holidays to you, too.

The answer to this question is that

(a) Lyz Lenz is another of these white-hating, gender-ideology believing people (see here and here ) and (b) this “inclusion” is specifically meant to exclude people like me.

That being the case, I would like to wish Ms. Cohen a very Merry Christmas.

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