DAILY KOS's "Brief History of the War on Christmas" Attacks Peter Brimelow And PJB With Recycled BS, But No Links!
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Someone at the Daily Kos called Bill Berkowitz has what he calls A Brief History of the War on Christmas, which looks like a roundup of a lot of previous claims made by anti-Christmas warriors like Max Blumenthal, Daniel Denvir, Hendrik Hertzberg, et al., with no links.

After blaming the late Henry Ford, the 1950s era John Birch Society, and entirely missing the point about the Puritans' ban on Christmas, Berkowitz starts in on VDARE.com editor Peter Brimelow:

 In 1999, anti-immigrant polemicist, Peter Brimelow, promoted the idea that there was a War on Christmas, blaming almost everyone, especially immigrants: “The root cause in all cases is the same: an American elite which is increasingly divergent, culturally and  even ethnically, from the rest of the country.” 

No links! For the record, yes, VDARE.com was founded in 1999 with "How the HUD Stole Christmas" but the quote above, which is about a much more complex phenomenon than the War on Christmas itself, is from 2010: Announcing VDARE.com's War Against Christmas 2010 Competition!, by Peter Brimelow, December 20, 2010.

Another Berkowitz bullet point:

Paleo-conservative Pat Buchanan claimed that any curbs on Christmas was tantamount to “hate crimes against Christianity.”

That, with no link, again, is a legitimate quote from a Buchanan syndicated column:  Christianophobia, by Patrick J. Buchanan, December 18, 2004. It featured several examples of Christmas being suppressed in stores and schools, and I'll give you a quote below, but the whole idea that someone can talk about "any curbs on Christmas" and think it's normal is amazing. Remember, this is from a Leftist who thinks that "any curbs on"  black crime and rioting are incipient Fascism.

Here's what Pat was saying in 2004:

It is hard to believe some Macy's executive took it upon himself to make so offensive a decision as to expunge "Merry Christmas" from the store, when so many of Macy's most loyal shoppers were certain to be disheartened and hurt. Who is trying to kill Christmas?

It needs to be said. What we are witnessing here are hate crimes against Christianity - the manifestations, the symptoms of a sickness of the soul, a disease a Vatican diplomat correctly calls "Christianophobia," the fear and loathing of all things Christian, coupled with a fanatic will to expunge from the public life of the West all reminders that ours was once a Christian civilization and America once a Christian country.

 Pat used the word "Christianophobia" in his column, referencing a Vatican diplomat who used that expression.

We prefer to use the word "Christophobia,"  which I wrote about in a 2012 column called  “Christophobia”—The Prejudice That Barely Has A Name.

I hardly think this author would even deny being a Christophobe, since  the tags on his articles look like this:  #ReligiousRight (12), #ChristianRight (10), and #Christiannationalism (9), but the point of Christophobia in modern America is that Christians are people you're allowed to hate and mock, even when you're persecuting them.

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