The ECONOMIST Joins The War On Christmas In America, While Denying It Exists.
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Earlier: ECONOMIST Joins The War on Christmas (American Edition)

Last year, I pointed out that part of the  British "Boxing Day" phenomenon (which as Mark Steyn keeps reminding us, can keep British media organizations moving very slowly until mid-January) is the Economist's traditional "Christmas Double Issue", designed to get the  staff of a weekly magazine a week off during the drinking season.

Peter Brimelow, who never gets any time off, is a subscriber to the tree-based Economist, and he, living in America, gets not a Christmas Issue, but a holiday issue.

In 2018, I pointed to the Economist mocking and denying the War on Christmas (and bashing Trump) in 2017: Despite Donald Trump’s best efforts, Americans are relaxed about generic holiday greetings, by Erasmus, December 20th 2017.

Well, the Economist is now part of the War on Christmas, at least in their American edition. Will their American editors get the week off?


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